Do you want to catch Pokemon Go Vigoroth? Find out the best ways to get this pocket monster.

The Pokedex in Pokemon Go has more than 1000 Pokemon. Every Pokemon has different elements like fire, fighting and fairy. A normal-type Pokemon is rare to find in the wild. Vigoroth, the Generation 3 Pokemon from Hoenn, is a normal Pokemon that doesn’t appear regularly.

Vigoroth only has limited weaknesses and this makes it a good pick for PvP and Gym raids in the game. Vigoroth can be unlocked in many ways, but the chance remains low for Pokemon Go trainers. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Vigoroth, shiny Vigoroth and skills.

Steps to Catch Pokemon Go Vigoroth

Pokemon Go Vigoroth

Vigoroth is one of the strongest normal-type Pokemon. The pocket monster gets boosted stats during Partly Cloudy weather. Here are the best tips to catch Vigoroth in the Shared Skies season,

  • Catch it as a wild spawn. Vigoroth appears in the wild and you can use battle items like incense, berries and lure modules. 
  • Participate in special events, research tasks and field research tasks. Vigoroth makes it appearances in these events
  • Vigoroth can be traded and hatched from eggs in 2KM during battle days and special events

These are the main ways to obtain Vigoroth in Pokemon Go. Though there are many methods, this Pokemon doesn’t appear regularly. But you can follow these steps to get this normal-type pocket monster.

How to Get a Shiny Vigoroth?

The shiny form of Vigoroth is available only during battle days. Trainers have to use battle items to increase the chances of getting the shiny Pokemon. The spawn rate for Shiny Vigoroth has been boosted in the new Shared Skies event.

Does Vigoroth have an evolution?

Yes, Vigoroth has an evolution. Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth for 25 candies. Vigoroth evolves into Slaking with 100 candies. You can also catch a Vigoroth by evolving Slakoth. Also, you can catch a shiny slakoth and evolve it to unlock the shiny form of Vigoroth.

Is Vigoroth Good?

Vigoroth is a normal-type Pokemon that’s strong in atk and stamina. The defense for Vigoroth is not great, but you can utilize the unit for raid battles and gym trainer battles. With the best skills, you can utilize this Pokémon for raids. Here are the top skills for Vigoroth,

  • Scratch (Fast Attack) – Scratch is a primary normal-type skill for Vigoroth 
  • Body Slam (Charged Attack) – Body Slam is another normal-type attack that inflicts massive damage in go battle leagues

How to Beat Vigoroth?

Vigoroth is not a legendary Pokemon. It appears in tier 3 raid battles. Defeating Vigoroth in three-star raid battles can be challenging and you can join with 1 or 2 trainers. The primary weakness of Vigoroth is fighting-type moves and units. Here are the 2 best counters to win Vigoroth,

Mega Heracross – The  Bug and Fighting Pokemon is a mighty unit with great records in raid battles. It gets a huge stat boost in rain and cloudy weather.

  • Counter (Fast Attack) –  The fighting skill enhances damage
  • Megahorn (Charged Attack) – The bug move deals over 110 dps and it becomes higher during raid battles

Mega Blaziken – Mega Blaziken is a fire and fighting Pokemon and a raging unit. Mega Blaziken excels in battles against normal-type units and it can be used during Sunny and Cloudy weather.

  • Overheat (Charged Attack) – The raging fire-type skill deals 160 damage and reduces attacks of enemies by 33%
  • Focus Blast (Charged Attack) – The fighting skill deals more than 140 DPS and is a top skill

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to catch and defeat Pokemon Go Vigoroth. Trainers can catch Seviper and Staravia in the new event.


How to Win Pokemon Raids?

Using a legendary Pokemon is important. Also, you have to utilize the strongest skills and battle items for Pokemon. Hidden abilities can be used as well. Pokemon with high stats and CP will be a great pick to defeat bosses in raids. You have to counter the opposing Pokemon with elements that they are vulnerable to to get an advantage.

Is Necrozma Good?

Yes, Necrozma is an S-ranked pocket monster in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon has high ATK and gets boosted stats during the windy weather. Psychic type Pokemon are strong attackers and Necrozma will be a great pick for raids, gym leader battles and go battle leagues. Trainers can hunt a shiny Necrozma as well.

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