How Can You Get a Unite License Selection Box from the new Pokemon Event? Here’s the complete details you need to know!

An exciting new Pokemon event is upon us, and it’s packed with rewards you won’t want to miss. The Pokemon Unite Championship Series is getting hot, and you have a great chance to get some really amazing in-game goodies. Whether your level of experience with the game is new or seasoned, here is all you need know to join in on the action and grab that sought-after Unite License Selection Box.

Pokemon Unite Championship
Pokemon Unite Championship

New Pokemon Event: The Unite License Selection Box & Golden Emblems!

So, what exactly can you earn during this new Pokemon event? Let’s break it down:

  • Unite License Selection Box: This is your opportunity to select one license from among twenty different Pokemon. Imagine being able to bring a fresh powerhouse to your team. This box has something for everyone, whether your eyes are on a quick attacker or a strategic defender.
  • 11 Golden Emblems: These are golden emblems not just any kind! Including these into your collection will not only make your profile stand but also provide you some rather strong bragging rights among other trainers.

How Do You Earn These Amazing Rewards?

It’s simple! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Watch Time: On June 7–8, spend at least 60 minutes tuned in to the Pokemon Unite Championship Series on One hour of your time will get you the eleven Golden Emblems. It’s like viewing your preferred show with Pokemon battles and free rewards!
  • Grand Finals: Watching the Grand Finals of the Final Stretch on June 8 will qualify you for the Unite License Selection Box. Make sure you show up for the great clash to pick your reward.

Why Should You Care About the Unite License Selection Box?

Imagine the power of choosing a new Pokemon to join your roster. With 20 options available, the Unite License Selection Box lets you customize your gameplay even further. Whether you want to try out a new strategy or fill a gap in your team’s lineup, this box is a game-changer. Plus, it’s a limited-time opportunity, so you’ll want to act fast to ensure you don’t miss out.

new Pokemon Event

The worst part is that these prizes are few in availability. Not everyone who listens in will therefore find them. To raise your chances of grabbing these treats, you must be fast and guarantee that you are tuned in for the necessary period. The new Pokemon event gains even more thrill from it as it resembles a race against time and other trainers.

Important Date

Put June 7–8 on your calendar and mark June 8 as a Grand Finals reminder. Make sure your internet connection is steady; perhaps even arrange a friend-based watch party. Watching great Pokemon battles is always more fun when done in front of others. You can also encourage one another and savor the delight of getting those accolades.

Why not maximize the opportunity presented by the streams as you are viewing them? Learn from the pros, note battle tactics, and maybe even pick up some fresh ideas to use in your own games. High-level performance abounds in the Championship Series, so learning is plentiful. Moreover, interacting with the stream via chat might improve your experience and help you to pass the time.

Don’t worry if you really cannot make it live. Consult the official Pokemon Unite social media channels and Twitch page for updates. If you keep active in the community, they occasionally present highlights or extra chances to win prizes.

Final Thoughts

This new Pokemon event offers more than just an opportunity to pick some shiny fresh items. This presents a chance to interact with the community, pick tips from elite players, and improve your own game. This event is absolutely must-participate since the rewards, the Unite License Selection Box and Golden Emblems, greatly improve your in-game experience.

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