How to beat Dark Beast Ganon – Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We have brought you a guide on how to beat Dark Beast Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is the final boss, so read carefully.

Dark Beast Ganon is the last boss of Breath of the Wild, and he is the embodiment of hatred and malice. He is the purest embodiment of Ganon’s fury, a massive porcine beast coated with Malice. After Link destroys Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle’s Astral Observatory, Link battles Dark Beast Ganon on Hyrule Field. Calamity Ganon escapes to Hyrule Field after his defeat, giving up his mortal body and abandoning his quest to reincarnate as Calamity Ganon in return for strength, drawing on all of his Malice.

In the game’s final battle with the Dark Beast Ganon, Princess Zelda transports Link aboard his Horse, offering the only weapon capable of repelling him, the Bow of Light. Although Ganon cannot be hit directly by sword beams from the Master Sword, he can be hit by the Twilight Bow, Ancient Arrows, or Ancient Arrows. Below is a guide on how to beat Dark Beast Ganon.

How to beat Dark Beast Ganon
Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Image credit: YouTube)

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How to beat Dark Beast Ganon

Dark Beast Ganon is the genuine last boss, set in the plains of Hyrule as you ride your faithful steed and armed with Zelda’s Bow of Light. Overall, this combat is straightforward and rather risk-free. Simply run in large circles around him and wait for shining golden spots to develop on his body, which you must shoot with your bow. 

The most will be on the sides, but one may be somewhat beneath you at one point, so you may need to get a bit closer to access it. The only dangers are racing into trees by accident and a laser strike from the front. However, if you have enough stamina, you can jump around the front and easily avoid it.

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A Symbol will appear

How to beat Dark Beast Ganon
Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Image credit: YouTube)

A symbol will appear on Ganon’s stomach when Link has successfully attacked Dark Beast Ganon six times. Dark Beast Ganon will reveal the center of his being, a giant eyeball positioned on his neck after this magical circle has been struck. The sky will become crimson, similar to a Blood Moon, at this time. Link must employ the updrafts caused by Ganon’s black energy beams to become level with his core in order to reach it. Princess Zelda will push Link to strike the fatal blow as he pulls the Bow of Light.

Princess Zelda will emerge from Dark Beast Ganon’s core and glow with a holy light, stripping Ganon of his physical shape and restoring him to his ethereal condition, after the final blow is performed. Ganon tries to assault Princess Zelda out of desperation, only to be pushed back and destroyed by a sphere of golden light.

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