How to beat QWOP – Tips and Tricks

Want to face some hardcore challenge? Play QWOP. However, you will surely need a guide that will tell you how to beat QWOP.

QWOP is a game where you control an athlete to win a race. The game’s name comes from the fact that these are the only four keys you’ll need to play on your computer. QWOP is a local athlete of a prosperous country in the Scandinavian Alps. 

The game demands you to win the race with just four keys. It is not as easy as it sounds. The game is very difficult and very few players have managed to complete it in a short time. It is difficult to coordinate the keys at the same time. But how to beat QWOP? We will guide you with our tips and tricks below.

Complete 100 m to win QWOP
Complete 100 m to win (
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How to beat QWOP

Before you start, understand the roles of each key.

  • Q lifts the right leg forward while the left thigh remains stationary.
  • W lifts the left thigh forward while the right thigh remains stationary.
  • O stretches the left knee and bends the right knee.
  • P bends the left knee while extending the right knee.

The first thing you need to do is hold W. When you hold this key, you will stretch one leg forward while the other leg will be behind. Hold it till the athlete’s one foot is in front and the other leg’s knee is pointing towards the ground. Then tap Q for your left leg to move forward. This time you just need to tap, as holding down will make you fall. Tap Q so that your knee will come forward.

Now again use the W key. But, this time you will have to tap it repeatedly instead of holding it. As your left leg is forward, tapping the W key will again take you forward. Keep doing it until there is no movement when you tap.

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Keep using Q and W

Next, just use Q and W. You’ll be able to slide ahead with little fear of falling if you maintain repeating this knee-hop. While rapidly tapping the two keys can get you there, moving in larger intervals will get you there faster and with less discomfort. Press Q to bring your knee forward, then W repeatedly to lunge forward.

Keep using this trick until you reach a hurdle at the 50-meter mark. Now here it is up to you to decide whether you go from the above or just push it to the finish line. We recommend that do not take any risk by getting up and trying to move over it. You can just do the thing that you have been doing. Keep going forward with Q and W. Yes, the process will be much slower now as you will have to take the hurdle with you. However, this has a much lower chance of you failing. 

Hurdle at 50 meters (

This is the easiest way that will help you to beat QWOP. There are many other ways, and you can just master the movements and do it in your own way if you are waiting for some more challenges. The tips and tricks above are the best and the simplest that you can follow to win this 100-meter race.

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