Are you struggling to complete the Nosepass Raid in Pokemon Go? Find out the top 30 counters to defeat this pocket monster.

Pokemon Go Shared Skies season has started with many new events and challenges. Players can take part in the community day event and play special research tasks. PvP raids and gym battles are back as well. Players can hunt shiny Pokémon in the wild as the spawn rate is boosted. Nosepass, the tier 3 raid boss is back and trainers defeat it in solo or party.

Nosepass is a Rock-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Nosepass doesn’t have great stats, but it becomes a beast during battle days and players have found it challenging to defeat this pocket monster. Trainers have to defeat a high CP level nosepass to win the raid. Nosepass is vulnerable against many elements. Here are the top 30 counters to win the Nosepass raid in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Nosepass Raid – 30 Best Counters

Nosepass is a Gen 3 Pokemon that’s available through three-star raids. Nosepass rarely appears in the wild regions. The Pokemon is strong against Fire, Flying, Normal and Poison. Trainers can counter Nosepass with Pokemon that have powers of Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water. Nosepass gets double stats when it’s partly cloudy weather. Here are 30 effective counters that will help you dominate the Nosepass raid in the game,

Nosepass in Pokemon Go

Primal Kyogre 

Primal Kyogre is a legendary Water-type Pokemon. It attacks faster and deals over 200 dps. Primal Kyogre is a top counter for all tier raid battles in the game and it’s the best unit to defeat Nosepass. 

  • Origin Pulse – The Water-type charge attack deals over 150 dps and is the top skill for Primal Kyogre 
  • Waterfall – The primary fast attack for Primal Kyogre is Waterfall. This Water-type skill increases damage rapidly

Shadow Swampert 

Shadow Swampert is a dual-type beast with powers of Water and Ground. It has excellent stats and accuracy and it unleashes the full potential during rain and sunny weather.

  • Mud Shot – The Ground-type fast attack enhances attacks
  • Hydro Cannon – Hydro Cannon is a Water-type charge attack and it’s lethal in raids


The Rock and Fighting Pokemon can destroy Nosepass with its moves. A high CP terrakion will work effectively. Terrakion has great stats and it gets boosted stats during Cloudy and Partly Cloudy weather.

  • Smack Down – The Rock-type fast move deals heavy damage even without special effects
  • Double Kick – Double Kick, the fighting type fast attack is another top skill for the raid


Kartana is a legendary Pokemon with the powers of Grass and Steel. The All-Rounder works well during Sunny and Snow weather. Known as the best dps, kartana is another mighty unit to beat the raid 

  • Razor Leaf – Razor Leaf enhances attacks and defense. This Grass-type fast move can be used on priority 
  • Leaf Blade – Leaf Blade is another Grass-type fast attack that deals heavy damage


Metagross is a steel and psychic Pokemon and this can be unleashed during windy and snowy weather. It has always been an excellent pick for five-star raids in the game.

  • Meteor Mash – The steel-type charged attack deals over 120 damage per second and is an ideal pick for the raid
  • Bullet Punch – Bullet Punch is another steel type charged attack that works well with a shield
  • Zen Headbutt – Zen Headbutt is the top Psychic-type fast move to negate attacks of Nosepass

Shadow Metagross 

The shadow form of Metagross is a menacing unit. This Pokemon makes its targets vulnerable by unleashing its special skills during raids. With its Psychic and Steel attacks, the Pokemon can demolish enemies. 

  • Flash Cannon – The steel-type charged attack deals massive damage and stuns its targets 
  • Bullet Punch – Bullet Punch is a Steel-type charged attack that attacks faster and harder

Shadow Excadrill 

Shadow Excadrill is a powerful attacker. It deals ground and steel damage. Shadow Excadrill has high experience in both gym and tier raid battles. This Unova region Generation 5 Pokemon will be a trump card to win the Nosepass raid.

  • Scorching Sands – The Ground-type charged attack boosts attacks and reduces the defense of targets with its special effects 
  • Metal Claw – A top-tier  Steel-type fast attack to power-up the attacks of Shadow Excadrill

Mega Sceptile

The Grass and Dragon Pokemon is a top-tier attacking unit. Mega Sceptile dominates five-star battles and will be another best unit to beat Nosepass. Mega Sceptile gets increased damage during Windy and Sunny weather.

  • Frenzy Plant – The grass-type charged attack inflicts colossal damage every second
  • Dragon Claw – The Dragon-type charged move attacks fiercely and boosts damage throughout the raid

Shadow Garchomp 

Shadow Garchomp has the powers of Dragon and Ground. It’s a monstrous unit and can be a great counter to defeat the Nosepass Pokemon in raid battles.

  • Earth Power – The Ground-type charged move grants multiple buffs. Earth Power deals over 120 dps and it also reduces the defense of targets by 20%
  • Dragon Tail – The Dragon-type fast move is another best ability for the raid

Shadow Kyogre 

Shadow Kyogre, the Legendary Water-type Pokemon, is an S-ranked All-Rounder. It can be best used during rainy weather. With insane attacks and special skills, Shadow Kyogre is dangerous against its enemies.

  • Origin Pulse  – The best skill for Shadow Kyogre is the Origin Pulse, the Water-type charged attack . It deals over 130 dps. 
  • Surf –  Surf is a Water-type charged move that stuns targets and negates their movements 
  • Waterfall – The Water-type fast move works well with Shadow Kyogre’s powers

Shadow Rhyperior

With powers of Ground and Rock, Shadow Rhyperior is a destruction to its enemies. It has high atk and stamina to endure attacks in the raid battle. Shadow Rhyperior gets stronger during Partly Cloudy and Sunny weather.

Rock Wrecker – The Rock-type charged attack is a heavy skill that destroys targets 

Mud-Slap – This Ground-type fast smile is effective for PvP raids

Mega Blaziken

Fire and Fighting is a top-tier dual-type in the game. Mega Blaziken boasts powers of these elements and it burns targets with its heavy attacks. Sunny and Cloudy weather will assist the Pokemon and grants buffs.

Overheat – The fire-type charged attack is the best skill for Mega Blaziken and it deals more than 160 dps. Overheat also debuffs enemy’s attacks by 30%

Focus Blast – The fighting-type charged attack deals over 140 dps and enhances attacks

Mega Alakazam 

Pokemon Go Nosepass Raid
Mega Alakazam

The Psychic-type Pokemon is hailed as one of the strongest attackers in the game. Mega Alakazam has an excellent winning ratio in five-star battles and gym raids.  Going with Mega Alakazam against Nosepass is a sign of victory.

  • Psycho Cut – The Psychic-type fast move is the ideal skill for Mega Alakazam

Shadow Torterra

Shadow Torterra is a beast that has the powers of Grass and Ground. The tortoise-like Pokemon can be used during Sunny weather. Shadow Torterra has many special skills in its kit.

  • Solar Beam – Solar Beam is a Grass-type charge move that deals 180 DPS and is the primary skill for Shadow Torterra 
  • Sand Tomb – The Ground-type charged move deals heavy damage and reduces the defense for enemies by 20%


The fighting and steel Pokemon excels in Tier 3 raid battles. Lucario enjoys battle during Cloudy and Snow weather.

  • Aura Sphere – Aura Sphere, the fighting type fast attack, increases attacks and deals over 100 dps
  • Flash Cannon – This steel type charged deals more than 100 dps


Mythical Pokemon are rare to find in Pokemon Go. Keldeo is a dual-type mythical Pokemon that deals water and fighting damage. Trainers can use Keldeo that has a high CP.

  • Aqua Jet – Aqua Jet reduces defense for targets. The Water-type charged attack also doubles the damage for self
  • Sacred Sword – Sacred Sword is an excellent charged skill. This fighting-type moveset attacks slowly and reduces energy quickly

Shadow Empoleon

Shadow Empoleon is a Water and Steel Pokemon. The CP and IV are great and this makes it an excellent counter against Nosepass.

  • Steel Wing – The Steel-type fast move will deal massive damage and reduce enemy’s energy rate
  • Hydro Cannon – Hydro Cannon is a Water-type charged attack and it’s a top skill for Shadow Empoleon

Mega Blastoise 

The Water-type Pokemon excels in tier raid battles. Mega Blastoise will be a top pick against Nosepass and it attacks faster during the rain weather. Mega Blastoise is an incredible dps and can dominate the battle against Nosepass.

  • Water Gun – The Water-type fast move is the main skill for Mega Blastoise  and it enhances damage
  • Hydro Pump – The Water-type charged move has a high impact and deals colossal damage

Therian Forme Landorus

The Therian Forme of  Landorus is strong against Rock-type Pokemon. This legendary Pokemon has powers of Ground and Flying. Therian Forme Landorus is a top-rated offensive Pokemon with high cp and winning ratio in raid battles.

  • Sandsear Storm – The Ground-type charged deals over 140 damage and reduces defense by 20%
  • Extrasensory – The Psychic-type fast move stuns targets

Shadow Mamoswine

Shadow Mamoswine is a top pick for raid battles. With a high winning ratio and experience, Shadow Mamoswine will be the best pick. It gets double damage  during Snow and Sunny weather.

  • Powder Snow – The Ice-type fast move freezes targets and deals heavy damage for a short time
  • High Horsepower – The Ground-type charged move deals more than 100 damage per second


Melmetal is another Steel-type unit with heavy attacks and works well during snow weather. This mythical Pokemon can be your trump card for boss raid battles.

  • Thunder Shock – The electric-type fast attack charges and shocks enemies 
  • Double Iron Bash – This Steel-type charged move will pierce through targets and launch massive attacks

Mega Steelix

The steel and ground Pokemon is a heavy tank and strong defender. Mega Steelix can be unleashed during Snow and Sunny weather 

  • Iron Tail – The steel-type fast moveset is the best skill for Mega Steelix 
  • Heavy Slam –  Heavy Slam is a steel type charged attack that deals over 70 dps 
  • Earthquake – The Ground-type charged attack demolishes targets with its powers

Shadow Crawdaunt

Shadow Crawdaunt is a boss raid Pokemon and this Water and Dark Pokemon works well during Rain and Fog weather.

  • Snarl – The dark-type fast moveset can be used for PvP raids
  • Crabhammer – Crabhammer, the Water-type charged move, deals over 80 dps and increases attacks by 50%


The Grass and Poison Pokemon is an excellent pick for three-star and five-star tier raid battles. Roserade’s full potential can be unleashed during the Sunny and Cloudy weather. Roserade’s skill increases its attacks and negates enemy’s defense for a short time.

  • Grass Knot – The grass-type charged attack is the strongest skill for Roserade
  • Magical Leaf – Magical Leaf is another Grass-type fast skill that’s best used during PvP raids 
  • Poison Jab – Poison Jab is a poison-type fast moveset that deals massive damage
  • Sludge Bomb – This poison type charge attack inflicts heavy damage throughout the battle


Greninja is a water and dark Pokemon with great atk skills. It has weak defense, but it’s a strong offensive unit. Greninja is best used during Fog and Rain weather.

  • Night Slash – The dark-type charged attack enhances attacks by 50% and deals more than 50 damage
  • Bubble – Bubble is a Water-type fast attack  with high energy


Krookodile is a dragon-like Pokemon with the powers of Ground and Dark elements. It gets high defense and damage during Fog and Sunny weather.

  • Crunch – The dark-type charged attack deals massive damage and reduces enemy’s defense by 20%
  • Earthquake – Earthquake is a Ground-type charged attack and this skill helps your Pokemon deal over 140 dps


Rhydon is a top-tier dual-type Pokemon. This ground and rock Pokemon is an excellent counter for three-star raids. Trainers can utilize Rhydon during Partly Cloudy and Sunny weather.

  • Stone Edge – Stone Edge is a Rock-type charged moveset that deals 100 dps 
  • Earthquake – Earthquake demolishes targets with its special attacks and this Ground-type charged attack is the best skill for Rhydon’s playing style
  • Mega Horn – The bug-type charge move deals over 110 damage


Grass and Ghost is a rare combination in Pokemon Go. Decidueye belongs to this category and has excelled in tier battles every time. Decidueye is highly resistant against rock attacks and it can overcome the Nosepass Raid efficiently 

  • Leafage – The grass-type fast skill can be used for PvP raids and Go Battle Leagues . Leafage is the main moveset for Decidueye
  • Astonish –  Astonish is a ghost-type fast skill that’s best used in the final phase of the raid 
  • Spirit Shackle – The ghost-type charged attack grants damage boost and  reduces defense of targets by 20%

Sky Forme Shaymin

The Sky Forme of Shyamin has the powers of Grass and Flying. Sky Forme Shyamin is strong against Rock-type units and this makes it a strong pick against the Nosepass Pokemon. Sky Forme Shyamin has great stats and CP along with some raging skills in its kit.

  • Seed Flare – The grass-type charged attack deals over 130 dps and reduces defense for enemies by 33%
  • Energy Ball – Energy Ball is another Grass-type moveset. This charged attack enhances damage and will debuff defense for enemies

Shadow Feraligatr

The Shadow form of Feraligatr has been hailed as a top-tier Water-type Pokemon since its debut. Shadow Feraligatr attacks faster during rain weather. It has some powerful skills and these can be used to get the best build for Shadow Feraligatr.

  • Hydro Cannon – The Water-type charge move deals more than 90 dps and is an excellent skill for the Pokemon

With these 30 counters, you can dominate the Nosepass raid in Pokemon Go. Boss raid battles and gym battles have always been challenging.  New three-star raids and five-star raids are out. Trainers can defeat a mega pidgeot in the new raid.


Is Nosepass Raid Difficult in Pokemon Go?

Nosepass is a rock-type Pokemon, but it’s not an ultra beast. Nosepass doesn’t have the powers of a legendary Pokemon, but it becomes stronger during Pokemon Go raid.

Is Pokemon Go Necrozma Good?

Yes, Necrozma is an S-ranked pocket monster in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon has high ATK and gets boosted stats during the windy weather. Psychic type Pokemon are strong attackers and Necrozma will be a great pick for raids, gym leader battles and go battle leagues. Trainers can hunt a shiny Necrozma as well.

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