Are you looking for the best ways to use Pokemon Go Kleavor? Find out the strengths and skills of this Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Shared Skies has started and trainers have tons of challenges and a couple of events in the new season. This season will focus on flying and fighting type Pokemon. Trainers can participate in boss raids and add Necrozma to their Pokedex. Wild spawns can be evolved during battle days. Kleavor, the bug and rock type Pokemon, will spawn frequently in the wild. Trainers can use this pocket monster for raids and gym battles.

Kleavor is a Hisui region Pokemon from Generation 8 and has a shiny form. Kleavor is primarily available through three-star raids and it’s also seen in the Sinnoh region. Though Kleavor is not a legendary beast, it can be used for every battle along with its best skills. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Kleavor skills, stats and ways to use this unit.

Best Ways to Use Kleavor in Pokemon Go

Kleavor Pokemon Go

Kleavor is strong in attacks, but it has weak defense and stamina. Though Kleavor is not an ideal pick for PvP and Go Battle Leagues, the Pokemon can be used for team-based raids in Go Battle Leagues. Kleavor can be used for gym raids as well.

Kleavor gets a double boost during Partly Cloudy and Rain weather. Trainers can use the unit against Normal and Poison types. Kleavor is vulnerable against Pokemon like Rock, Steel and Water. The CP for Kleavor is good and it will increase at every level. Kleavor gets boosted by Mega Pokemon like Heracross and Aerodactyl.

The IV values for Kleavor are high and trainers can catch the pocket monster by making perfect curve throws. Berries will boost the chance to catch Kleavor. Players who walk with Kleavor as the buddy Pokemon can earn 25 Mega Energy every time. Mega Energy has been used to complete the mega evolution for pocket monsters.

Best Moves for Kleavor

Kleavor Pokemon Go

Kleavor is a Bug and Rock type Pokemon. You can use movesets from these elements to maximize the powers of the pocket monster. Here are the recommended skills for Kleavor,

  • Stone Edge – The Rock type charged attack deals 100 damage and can be used for gym raids. Stone Edge doesn’t grant special effects, but increases damage slowly
  • Rock Slide – Another powerful rock type charge move that works well in Go Battle Leagues. Rock Slide attacks quickly and reduces enemy’s energy in no time
  • Quick Attack – The normal type fast move can be used for gym battles and this also deals massive damage every second
  • X-Scissor – The Bug-type charge move is the best move of Kleavor for Raid Battles and Go Battle Leagues. X-Scissor deals massive damage and boosts defense

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to use Pokemon Go Kleavor. Shared Skies season features new timed research tasks and special research tasks. Trainers can maximize battle items like berries and candies by playing these challenges.


Is Pokemon Go Necrozma Good?

Yes, Necrozma is an S-ranked pocket monster in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon has high ATK and gets boosted stats during the windy weather. Psychic type Pokemon are strong attackers and Necrozma will be a great pick for raids, gym leader battles and go battle leagues. Trainers can hunt a shiny Necrozma as well.

How to get Pokemon Go Candy?

Candy is an in-game resource and currency in Pokemon Go. Trainers can earn unlimited candies by completing PvP raids, boss raids and five-star battles. Using berries to catch Pokemon doubles candies and you can evolve Pokemon to get more candies. With candies, you can evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Catching Pokemon is the best method to farm candies.

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