Don’t know how to beat God Devouring Serpent in Elden Ring? Our guide will help you in that. Read the guide carefully and win this fight.

God Devouring Serpent is an optional Elden Ring boss. You don’t need to beat this boss to advance the Elden Ring story. You might face some difficulties to beat this boss, as he is not so easy. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat God Devouring Serpent in Elden Ring. Follow the guide carefully and defeat this boss easily

God Devouring Serpent fight gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Get Serpent-Hunter before the fight

When you enter the boss chamber of God Devouring Serpent, you will find a corpse to the left of the mouth of the cavern. There will be an item available at the corpse. The item is Serpent Hunter. While the boss is largely immune to most types of damage, he is highly vulnerable to Great-Serpent Hunt, the Ash of War that comes with the weapon.

It is recommended that after grabbing the item, do not fight with the boss immediately. Runaway from the location of the boss and return to the roundtable hold to upgrade the weapon. Upgrading the weapon will increase its damage more and will help you a lot in defeating the God Devouring Serpent.

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How to beat God Devouring Serpent 

God Devouring Serpent has few attacks on his hand and you can dodge them easily. He will use a basic lunge attack called snake bite. You just need to dodge roll from this attack and it won’t harm you. However, you will have to keep in mind that there can be follow-up attacks and you have to be aware of that. Also, look for any opening and charge for an attack on the boss. A punishing attack from the boss can cause you half of your health or even more. 

However, he will use some stance before attacking. All you have to do now is concentrate on when this attack will appear and time your dodge accordingly. If you time too early or late, this can result in a massive loss of HP. The God Devouring Serpent has two AoE damage as well. He will spit either poison or magma around the arena. This attack might be difficult to dodge as you won’t have much space to move freely. So, keep all these things in mind when the boss uses this attack. 

Serpent's poison
Serpent throwing poison (YouTube)

The Serpent will thrash and spin in circles, stirring up the molten pool in which it resides. This can be dangerous for players close to the boss, but the Serpent-Hunter’s incredible range should allow them to stay far enough away to dodge this attack. The Serpent’s highly dangerous attack is when it plunges its head into the ground and explodes, producing a magma eruption beneath your feet. This attack can be avoided by charging perpendicular to the Serpent and jumping or rolling right before the eruption, although it’s typically preferable to just try to block.

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Use defensive strategy

You will just need to block and dodge the attacks as much as possible. This boss can attack from long-range and short-range. So, if you are a player who loves and is an expert in defense, you can beat God Devouring Serpent very easily. If you decide to use the Serpent-Hunter, strike him regularly in between his attacks. Enough head hits will briefly put the Serpent unconscious, providing you with a much-needed window of uninterrupted attacks.

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