Genshin Impact Razor Guide – Weapons, Artifacts, and more Tips

Here is the Genshin Impact Razor guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you understand the character even more.

Razor is a Genshin Impact four-star, claymore-wielding electro character. He is known as the wolf boy because he was raised by the wolves. People are confused about whether he was really raised by wolves or is actually a wolf in the form of a human. Razor lives in Wolvendom of Mondstadt, away from the humans. Razor is generally a kind-hearted person because he is far away from human society. For him, his wolf family is everything and he can do anything for them. He sometimes seems upset due to the fact that he is not fully like the wolves.

The wolf boy has long grey hair, red eyes with pale skin. As he was raised by the wolves, he has lots of scars on his body. He wears camouflage pants, an orange shirt, a dark hooded coat, and dark boots. Razor was born on September 9. His height is around 164 cm. To know more about him, read our Genshin Impact Razor guide below.

Razor in Genshin Impact
Razor in Genshin Impact (YouTube)
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Genshin Impact Razor Guide: Normal Attack

Razor’s normal attack is called Steel Fang. It is a 4-hit strike when you tap. If you want to attack continuously then you will have to ‘hold’. However, this will consume your stamina quickly. In Plunge, there is non-elemental AoE DMG.

Genshin Impact Razor Guide: Elemental Skill

Claw and Thunder is Razor’s elemental skill. When you tap for the elemental skill, you will deal with electro DMG that will grant one electro sigil that will increase the energy recharge stat. Only three electro sigils can be active at one time.

On the other hand, when you hold, you will deal AoE electro DMG and each electro sigil will be converted into energy.

Genshin Impact Razor Guide: Elemental Burst

When the elemental burst is active, Razor’s ATK SPD and Electro RES will be boosted by a wolf spirit. This makes him immune to the DMG caused by electro-charged. In addition, the use of his charged attacks is disabled and uses a normal attack with its own electro DMG attack.

Genshin Impact Razor gameplay
Razor gameplay (YouTube)
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Razor’s Constellations

  • Wolf’s Nature (C1): After picking up an elemental orb or particle, the ATK DMG increases by 10% for 8 seconds.
  • Suppression (C2): A 10% increase in CRIT rate and attacks enemies with less than 30% Max HP.
  • Soul Companion (C3): Lightning Fang’s level increases by 3.
  • Bite (C4): Enemies lose 15% DEF for 7 seconds when using the tap effect of Claw and Thunder.
  • Sharpened Claws (C5): The level of Claw and Thunder is increased by 3.
  • Lupus Fulguris (C6): The next attack deals 100% of his ATK as electro DMG every 10 seconds. It also grants an Electro Sigil if the lightning Fang is not in effect.

Best weapon for Razor

Wolf’s Gravestone is the best weapon you can use for this four-star character. This weapon increases his attack by 20%. When you attack enemies that have less than 30% of HP, all party member’s attacks will be increased by 40% for 12 seconds. It can only occur every 30 seconds, so use it carefully.

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Best Artifacts for Razor

Pale Flame is one of the best Artifacts for Razor. When you equip the 2-piece effect, the physical DMG is increased by 25%.

When you equip the 4-piece effect, the ATK is increased by 9% when the elemental skill hits an opponent. This effect can be used once every 0.3 seconds and stacks up to two times. After these two stacks are reached, the 2-set effect is increased by 100%.

If this does not feel good for you then you can go for Thundering Fury. When you equip the 2-piece effect, the electro damage increases by 15%. 

When you equip the 4-piece effect, the damage caused by overload, electro charge, and superconduct increases by 40%. This will also decrease the elemental skill cooldown by one second. This effect can occur once every 0.8 seconds.

Artifacts (YouTube)
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Razor’s strengths and weakness


  • Razor has a high HP.
  • His attacks can do physical as well as electro damage.
  • The elemental burst unleashes a beast that provides a great amount of damage while boosting the defense at the same time.


  • Melee range attacks only.
  • Elemental burst can only be used while him on the field.

Best characters to use with Razor

  • Kaeya
  • Fischl 
  • Diona
  • Bennett
  • Barbara
  • Lisa
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So this was all about Razor that you need to know. You can experiment with different weapons, artifacts, and a different team if you want. 

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