How to Beat Deathstroke in Arkham Knight

Don’t know how to beat Deathstroke in Arkham Knight? Our guide will give you all the details to win this fight easily.

Slade Wilson was in the US Army’s experimental super-soldier unit during the Vietnam War. As a result, he obtained incredible strength, agility, healing ability, and intellect. Soon after the experiment, Deathstroke became a mercenary and became one of the world’s most lethal killers.

After being beaten and imprisoned by Batman, Deathstroke escaped from Blackgate Prison’s maximum-security department. Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight became his allies after that. He was advising and supervising their siege of Gotham and tried to kill Batman both mentally and physically. Their goal was to expose Batman’s true identity and turn Gotham City into a terrifying place. When the Arkham Knight was destroyed, Deathstroke took over as head of the Militia and Scarecrow’s second-in-command.

Beat Deathstroke with cannons
Fight gameplay (YouTube)

In the Batman Arkham Knight, players will face this deadly boss and this will not be an easy fight. If you are on a low level, then we recommend you upgrade your Batmobile, because this fight will really test you hard. However, you will need to complete a few challenges before you fight with Deathstroke. In this guide, we will help you to complete those difficult challenges and tell you how to beat Deathstroke too.

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Disarm the bombs

The challenge you will face before Deathstroke is very difficult. You will have to disarm 21 bombs that are placed throughout Gotham city. You will not get the location of the bombs randomly. Whenever you are close to a bomb, it will show you on the mini-map with an indication of the threat level. One more great problem you will face is the enemies with the bombs. Yes, It’s not just the bombs, you will have to defeat those enemies too. 

Once you defeat the enemies near the bomb, upload the virus using the Power Winch. While doing this, you should not leave the area. There will be enemies, so you need to defend the area. The power winch will help you to detonate the bomb with a controlled explosion. Below, we will tell you the locations of the bombs so that you do not waste much of your time finding them.

  • Bleake Island – Cauldron, train yard 
  • Miagani Island – Bristol, north of Botanical Gardens 
  • Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights, Urbarail Station
  • Miagani Island – North of Grand Avenue Station 
  • Miagani Island – Miagani Botanical Gardens 
  • Founders’ Island – Otisburg 
  • Miagani Island – Kingston at base of parking garage 
  • Bleake Island – Chinatown, north side of traffic circle 
  • Founders’ Island – Drescher, near Perdition Bridge 
  • Miagani Island – Kingston, next to Bank of Gotham
  • Bleake Island – Cauldron, next to Sionis Industries 
  • Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights
  • Bleake Island – Cauldron, southwest of Panessa Studios
  • Founders’ Island – Port Adams, inside the entrance
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How to beat Deathstroke: Part one

Cobra tanks
Be aware of the cobra tanks (YouTube)

Once you disarm all the bombs and complete all the challenges, you will face Deathstroke. We have divided the fight into two parts. This is because there are cobra tanks in addition to Deathstroke. Again, if you are not well upgraded, please make sure you upgrade yourself. This is because Deathstroke is not an easy boss to defeat. 

When the fight begins, ignore the machine that Deathstroke uses. Your main focus should be on the cobra tanks that can scan the area around them and hit you hard if you are in their target. You should quickly go behind them and target them to destroy it completely. Just play a little in stealth mode, as the tanks are not alone. You can just hide whenever a tank is near and then go behind it when it is searching at a different position.

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Attacking the cobra tanks from behind (YouTube)

How to beat Deathstroke: Part two

After you destroy the cobra tanks, focus on Deathstroke. Your Batmobile should be excellent to defeat Deathstroke. The problem most of the players are doing is they are going too defensive in the fight. Yes, Deathstroke’s attacks are dangerous and quick, but if you just dodge, he will keep attacking, and you will take damage at some point. 

Therefore, you counter his attacks in perfect time and then use your cannons. Remember, if you are too quick or slow to counter his attacks, you will take the hit. So timing is the key in this fight. Dodge the attacks and then quickly strike at him. Be aware of the red laser that comes from his tank, as it can deal serious damage. 

When he is close, you can use the 60mm cannon continuously to deal some damage. It is also recommended to use Vulcan cannon so that you can shoot down rockets that are flying at Batmobile. Keep using this technique, and you will easily beat Deathstroke in Arkham Knight.

Fight with Deathstroke
Fight with Deathstroke (YouTube)

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