We have brought you the Lost Ark Wildwater Island guide. Learn everything about the island and get exciting rewards.

Sailboats are one of Lost Ark’s most intriguing features of the end game. You can find several islands scattered around the world when you enter the open seas of Arkesia. Some are large islands, basically continents at the end of the game, while others are smaller islands full of activities.  During certain calendar events, you can find Lost Ark World Bosses spawning on these islands. 

Players can also access other islands during certain events that only become available at certain times. Many of the islands in the game are visited and forgotten, as they do not offer any events, daily content, or anything else that can be harvested. Today, we will be informing you with our Lost Ark Wildwater Island guide. 

Gameplay (Youtube)
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Lost Ark Wildwater Island Location 

There are two ways to reach Wildwater Island north of Rethramis: from the Tideshelf Path at Punika or from Crescent Moon Marina on Rethramis’s northwest coast. You will find the Wildwater Island below the Naruni and Distorted Island. It is beside the Twilight Isle, so you will not face any problem while finding the island.

Lost Ark Wildwater Island Boss

Aurion is the field boss in Wildwater Island where you will have to defeat him in order to get the island token. The boss fight takes place on Wildwater Island which is a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, make sure you arrive prepared with the right gear before you take on the boss.

Aurion is a Tier 3 Field Boss and will require at least a 1385 item level from you. As a minimum, you should be level 1325, because anything below that threshold will prevent you from dealing damage to the boss, and other players will not be able to join the channel where the fight is taking place.

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Rewards for defeating Aurion

  • Forbidden Time Necklace
  • Forbidden Time Earring
  • Destruction Stone Crystal
  • Guardian Stone Crystal
  • Forbidden Time Ring
  • Forbidden Space Earring
  • Solar Blessing
  • Solar Protection
  • Tier 3 Epic Ability Stone
  • Forbidden Space Ring
  • Solar Grace
  • Level 1 Annihilation Gem
  • Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
  • Rare XP Card
  • Legendary Bleed Skill Rune
  • Wildwater Island Soul
Rewards after defeating Aurion in lost ark wildwater island
Rewards after defeating Aurion (YouTube)

All these rewards are random. Therefore, if you want all the rewards, then you will have to defeat Aurion multiple times. 

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Rewards on Lost Ark Wildwater Island

  • Wildwater Island Token
  • Legendary Battle Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Battle Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Battle Engraving Recipe
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe

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