Best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Warzone – Top 10 Weapons

Want to know the best Call of Duty Warzone sniper rifles? Our list will help you out. Read till the end because the best rifle is mentioned there.

The sniper rifles in any shooting game are just overpowered when in the right hands. Here you will not have to worry about many things, like its range, ammo, etc. Just one shot in the head, and the enemy is down for good. Some rifles are so strong that if you shoot someone on their body, it will kill them. Therefore, if you are a sniper lover, then read about the best Call of Duty Warzone sniper rifles below.

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The Best Call of Duty Warzone sniper rifles

Swiss K31

The Swiss K31 is a good choice if you want a sniper rifle with mid-range capability. There are better choices for those who like to post up on rooftops and mountains with unrestricted sight lines. However, the Swiss K31 is the best Call of Duty Warzone sniper rifle for general use in the Battle Royale. The K31 has a lower bullet velocity compared to other true sniper rifles, but you won’t notice it outside of extreme distances. You will just have to learn to control it because it flinches.


The AX-50 is a very smooth and fast sniper rifle. The best thing about this sniper rifle is that if you miss a shot, you can quickly fire your next shot at the enemy and get a kill in your pocket. However, the AX-50 is only good at this, and there are better options if you are looking for high damage sniper rifles. 

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The ZRG 20mm is an easy choice for individuals who want to take down their opponents from a distance where they won’t be seen. It has a fast bullet velocity and low bullet drop. When you improve its ADS with proper attachments, you can make a deadly sniper. 

ZRG 20mm in call of duty warzone
ZRG 20mm (YouTube)


Dragunov has decent damage. It does not have high damage like other sniper rifles, but it exceeds many other things compared to them. It has the highest mag among other rifles and you can reload it in four seconds. Use Dragunov as a mid-range sniper rifle, and you will feel the power of it. However, there are many other better options that you can go with. If you want to experiment, then you can try it out.

Type 99

Among all the bolt actions, the Type 99 has the fastest ADS speed. Therefore, if you are looking for a very fast ADS, you can go for this sniper rifle. However, keep in mind that it has low damage to the mid section of the body, so you will need to aim for the head only or you will have to shoot multiple times at the mid or lower body. If you want to deal high damage then Kar98 is a good option, but if you are just looking for a good ADS speed, go for Type 99 without thinking.

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There are few better options for aggressive players who want to use an agile sniper rifle that allows you to be mobile on the battlefield. The Kar98k is especially effective in frantic, mid-range team fights, where a single round from a sniper be the difference between an enemy staying on their feet or getting downed.

Three Line Rifle

The Three Line Rifle has one of the fastest bullet velocities in the game. This is the reason it is on our list of the best Call of Duty Warzone sniper rifles.  It is similar to the ZRG and the Tundra. However, many professionals prefers Three Line Rifle just because of its bullet velocity. Now, it depends on each player and their playstyle. If you are the one who is more interested in range and bullet velocity, then you can try the Three Line Rifle. 


HDR gameplay in call of duty
Gameplay (YouTube)

The HDR is great for players who like to hold positions and snipe from a distance. If you do not want to confront an enemy directly, and you are looking for a good position to kill the enemies, then HDR will give you full support. The sniper rifle is slow, so you should avoid taking it to mid-range fights. 

If you have a secondary weapon that can support you in mid-range, then believe it, it will be a deadly combo for you. The HDR has great bullet velocity and range, which makes it one of the best Call of Duty Sniper rifles you can have.

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LW3 Tundra 

Tundra has a little more fire rate compared to the HDR. Although both the snipers are similar, still both has their own capabilities. You will even have a great feeling while controlling it when compared to the HDR or other sniper rifles. If you are looking for some raw power, The LW3 Tundra is a great option. 

If you want a faster version of HDR, we recommend you to use LW3 Tundra. We feel that LW3 Tundra is a bit better than the HDR. However, it is totally up to different players and their playstyles. So, you can try to see if it’s best for you or not.

Rytec AMR

If you want to position yourself at a place where you can see multiple enemies, use Rytec AMR as it can help you to quickly hit multiple enemies from a long distance. Not all snipers can do that. It gives you fast fire rate without affecting the damage. If you are looking for some fun, then use the explosive damage as well. This is something unique that you will find in Call of Duty. If you are hesitating with your shots, use the explosive splash damage to hit the enemies. You will surely benefit from this sniper rifle.

Rytec AMR gameplay
Rytec AMR gameplay (YouTube)

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