We have brought you 10 things that you should know about the game called Prey. Read our Prey beginner’s guide to know more.

Prey is a first person game that you can play and enjoy in an alternate timeline. The mankind has reached to the orbiting outposts very early because of the space race. Morgan Yu is the main character of the game that you will play and make decisions that will affect the game’s storyline. You can even customize the appearance of the character. 

There are alien enemies called Typhon waiting for you in the space. You will have to collect and use the weapons against them in order to defeat them and move further in the game. But if you are new to the game, read our Prey beginner’s guide that will help you to know everything before you start.

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Prey Beginner’s Guide: Psychotronic scanner

The Psychotronic scanner helps you to spot mimics, and it helps you to research on Typhons. All this is not enough because it can also wok as a night vision. Yes, many players do not know about it. Therefore, when you are out of your flashlight, you can just use this as an emergency replacement and continue the game without any problem.  

Prey Beginner’s Guide: Gloo Cannon

Never ever ignore the Gloo cannon. It is your one of the best tools in the game. You can freeze the enemies with the help of the gloo cannon. This will indirectly give you a damage bonus and you can attack the enemy without worrying about getting a hit from them. When you start the game, you might not be much connected with its gameplay and action, therefore, the gloo cannon can be very helpful for you.

Prey Beginner’s Guide: Mimics

Mimics are one of the most difficult enemies in Prey. As their name says, they can mimic any item in the environment to hide and can surprise you with their attacks any time. They are very difficult as you cannot predict where they are going to come from. However, there is a trick to identify them. 

You can just look at things and think that you feel they are not suitable for the environment. A random bin or any other item in any place increases the chances of a mimic being present there. The other option is that you can just randomly hit items as there is nothing for you to lose by doing that. If a mimic is there, you will be the first one to attack.

Mimic turned into a chair
Mimic turned into a chair (YouTube
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Water coolers are life saviors 

There will be several situations when your HP is low, opponents are attacking you, and you have no medical supplies left. What will you do in this situation? Well, the water coolers come as a savior for you. With each sip, you will restore one HP. Yes, it might be slow, but it will definitely help you when you are at a point of dying. So, never underestimate the water coolers.

Hijack Robots

When you play the game, you will unlock the ability to control or hijack the robots. The robots are one of the most troubling parts of the game. You can take some serious hits from them, but with the control ability, you can hijack these robots and do whatever you like. You can make them fight each other and just continue your journey. As the game continues, these robots get stronger. Therefore, this ability is a must for you.

Prey (YouTube)
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Shotgun is just great

You can’t just run away from the enemies every time in Prey. You will need to shoot at them if you want to be safe. The shotguns are best as they can deal very high damage to the aliens and can even kill a weak one in just a single shot. You will get lots of upgrade kits in the game. Therefore, make sure you use them on shotgun, as it is the best gun you can use against the aliens in the game.

Explore rooms

We recommend you to explore all the rooms thoroughly because you can find many items there. There is a chance that you will get extra or new weapons, ammo, key cards, door codes and many other things. This is why you need to explore each room as this is not just a shooting game where you go randomly anywhere and kill the enemies. 

Go out of the spaceship

If you want to experience some great scenes and good space tour, then you will need to go outside and see it on your own. You are not just limited inside, you can go out and explore too. It is a bit less dangerous too as you won’t be facing the aliens there like how you did inside. So you will have to make some openings to go in and out whenever you need.

Outside visuals (YouTube)
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Don’t miss the computers

Many computers can be found throughout the game; simply utilize them when you discover them. Read other people’s emails as it will give you optional objectives and even key codes to the rooms that you do not have the access to. Some computers will even give you a full map of the area that you can download and use. A map in your hands will definitely be very beneficial.

Save ammo

You will need lots of ammos later in the game. If you are thinking that you don’t need much shooting in the game, then let us tell you that you are thinking wrong. The enemies you will face later in the game are very strong, and it will be very difficult for you to kill them without a gun. 

We recommend that you use the wrench as much as you can if you want to save the ammo. If you are trying for a stealth kill, then the wrench is the best option for you. Furthermore, you can use your environment as an advantage to attack the aliens and other enemies. 

Ammo in the game are important
Ammo in the game are important (YouTube)

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