Dungeons of Dreadlock Guide – 10 Things Everyone Should Know

Our Dungeons of Dreadlock guide will help you to learn all the things that you should know in order to complete the levels easily.

If you are ready for some puzzles and action, then Dungeons of Dreadlock is here to challenge you. This is a great puzzle game where you will have to think a lot and complete levels. Talking about the levels, there are numerous waiting for you. The game is not as simple as it appears, and the challenges can be annoying at times. There are a few levels that are really tough and players are often frustrated while playing them. Therefore, our Dungeons of Dreadlock guide will help you with all the things that you should know.

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Dungeons of Dreadlock Guide: Have patience

The best thing you can do is have patience while playing the game. If you just try to rush and think that you need to solve the level in seconds, you will not get a good result. When you are calm and focus your mind on that level, it gets easy to complete it. Therefore, patience is the key in Dungeons of Dreadlock.

Dungeons of Dreadlock Guide: Solve it later

If you feel you have done everything you can to solve a particular level and it is still the same, then you can just take a break. Sometimes, due to frustration, we cannot find the right solution. So, the best option is to take a break, cool down yourself, and then come back to solve it, you will definitely find the solution.

Dungeons of Dreadlock Guide: Try everything

You will eventually get the solution to the puzzle when you just try out everything that is possible. Go everywhere, and see what can be done there. It will surely take some time, but it’s worth it. 

Dungeons of Dreadrock gameplay
Dungeons of Dreadrock gameplay (Christoph Minnameier)

Chapter 10: Keep the first goblin alive

Many players get stuck in the 10th chapter of Dungeons of Dreadlock. If you are one of them too, then don’t worry, our Dungeons of Dreadlock guide will help you. Now, many players let the first goblin die, thinking it will be easy for them to move. However, do not let the first goblin die on the pressure plate. Because when this happens, his body will press it down and the fireballs will be unlimited. This might be an issue that can be fixed. If you face this issue, just remember to not let the first goblin die.

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Check the walls

Some levels feel impossible to complete. You give your best and do everything that is possible. But, you are missing something. In this case, you can check the walls, if you feel there are walls that look a bit different, then you can do something there. There can be a stone that you can pull out and use to complete the level.

Spike traps

Many players forget that they can walk on the spike traps once they are set off. Some levels are meant to be completed very quickly so that you cannot waste your time taking the long route. Therefore, if you are facing this time issue, then you might be missing the spike traps. Once they are off, you can walk on them and can finish the level quickly.

Dungeons of Dreadrock gameplay
Dungeons of Dreadrock gameplay (Christoph Minnameier)


Teleportation is sometimes helpful and sometimes useful in the game. A goblin can be teleported and arrive at an unexpected place. Go to a portal that teleports you next to the goblin. After that, you can take care of the goblin. You can also lead the enemy towards the portal and quickly move aside so that the enemy falls in the portal and gets teleported. This can make your path clear.

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The fool

The fool is an enemy that you will face on some level. Now, to defeat him, you need to first understand that he can only take one step at a time. So, you can lead him to a tile where there is a dead end. This will help you to get the key, and then you can easily complete the level.

Turn the portals off

In Dungeons of Dreadlock, you now know almost everything there is to know about portals and teleportation. You can make use of it in a variety of ways. However, it is advised that you turn off the portals from time to time so that the enemy does not follow you. This will be a major issue for you, thus it’s best to switch off the portal if it’s not needed at that level.

big enemies in the game
Dungeons of Dreadrock gameplay (Christoph Minnameier)
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Duck and Weave

In Dungeons of Dreadrock chapter 16, you will learn to duck and weave. You will also learn that you can avoid the arrows. There are lots of things you can do in between the shots. So, now you can take this as an advantage and complete the levels with this ability. It is not something optional. If a level requires you to use this ability, then you must do it in order to complete the level.

So, this was all you needed to know from our Dungeons of Dreadlock guide. Hope you liked it and will follow it to complete the levels. One more thing to keep in mind is that if you are not able to complete a level, then you just might be missing the way that it should have been completed. So, try out everything you can. You can download the game for iOS, Android, and PC.

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