PC gamers have no need to worry now as God of War has finally arrived for PC. We have brought you the God of War PC Guide with all the tips and tricks.

God of War, a popular PlayStation game created by Santa Monica Studios, was published on PC in India on January 14, 2022. Kratos, the Greek God of War, returns to the next installment of the renowned action-adventure franchise. Kratos and his son, Atreus, conquered the Gods of Olympus and now reside in Norse Mythology’s Nine Realms. God of War has initially launched for the PlayStation 4 over four years ago to critical and commercial acclaim, receiving a slew of accolades, including numerous Game of the Year nominations in 2018.

The current installment differed significantly from the previous trilogy, which premiered in 2005, with the character’s distinctive double-chained sword being replaced by a fighting axe. Furthermore, compared to the cinematic camera utilized in the previous trilogy, the creators at Santa Monica Studios took a big risk by switching to an over-the-shoulder-free camera. While changing the franchise’s essential aspects was a huge risk at the time, it paid off handsomely as fans adored God of War’s harsh and fast-paced gameplay.

God of War PC, produced by Jetpack Interactive, includes a slew of additional features that desktop gamers will like. NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and Reflex software have also been included. With increased Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO) and Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO) effects, the graphics will improve dramatically.

Players who buy the PC version of God of War will also get some special cosmetics. Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin, Shining Elven Soul Shield Skin, Death’s Vow Armor Sets, Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin, and Dökkenshieldr Shield Skin are among the skins available. Below are a few tips that will help you on your journey.

God of War PC Guide: Explore

While it’s tempting to rush through the tale, if you want to discover all of God of War’s mysteries, you’ll need to explore every side route and area properly. Chests, ravens, and other items are strewn throughout the map. You’ll need to continuously equip better gear if you want to reach the finish line, but you won’t find the greatest items if you rush. Take your time because you’ve been waiting so long for a PC version.

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God of War PC Guide: Gear stats

God of War PC Guide
God of War (Image credit: Steam)

The gear you wear may make a big difference in your combat style. There will be gearsets that assist you to flourish in the sort of gaming you enjoy once you’ve figured out what you prefer. Understanding your gear stats can help you determine which pieces to invest in, whether you want to focus on conventional attacks, runic abilities, or a combination of both. Gearsets will also be better suited to certain playstyles, so find the one that suits you.

  • Strength: Increases the damage done by standard attacks.
  • Runic: Both Elemental Damage and Runic Attack will increase.
  • Defense: Reduces damage that is taken.
  • Vitality: Improves maximum health and decreases the severity of damage reactions from enemy attacks.
  • Luck: Increases the chances of activating Perks. Gains XP and Hacksilver.
  • Cooldown: Reduces the time it takes for Runic Attacks, Runic Summons, and Talismans to recharge.

God of War PC Guide: Weak Walls

Keep an eye out for artificial walls and other breakable items; your axe can smash them. Alternatively, you may pitch an adversary into a wall, boot them off a ledge, throw one at the other, and chuck them both down a cliff. whatever suits your fancy! You’ll also discover secrets, health, and treasure in smashable things, as well as the locations of puzzles and chests.

God of War PC Guide: Axe and Arrows

God of War PC Guide
God of War (Image credit: Steam)

During both mild and major attacks, your Leviathan Axe can be thrown. This maneuver is critical for survival in the early hours of God of War since it allows you to do significant damage before closing the space and completing the kill. A huge throw can also lock select foes in place, which might be beneficial for crowd control as you wale on some unfortunate Draugr (a Norse undead monster). Upgrades for Leviathan Axe Throws are one of the most useful early-game advantages, and they’re well worth the XP expenditure.

Atreus possesses an endless supply of arrows, but they renew slowly. As you take on additional adversaries, get into the habit of pushing Square to shoot at them, while also striking them with your Leviathan Axe or fists or distracting them with arrows. The ability of the arrows to add Stun damage makes an adversary susceptible before you’ve even touched them is one of their most valuable features.

God of War PC Guide: Dodging and Parrying

In God of War, Kratos is capable of annihilating creatures, but timing your dodges and parries becomes a matter of fighting rhythm. This method isn’t quite as harsh as that of Dark Souls. You should still become used to understanding when to weave in and out of enemy range. In addition, the precision of timed blocks aids in the defense against attackers. It’s crucial to learn the tactics early in the game since later on, mini-bosses might be nearly hard to defeat without knowing when to dodge and parry.

God of War PC Guide: Runic Attacks

God of War PC Guide
God of War (Image credit: Steam)

First and foremost, keep in mind that XP may be used to improve runic attacks. Because they’re in a separate portion of the menu than your talents, it’s easy to overlook that benefit. Second, think about how you can use these effective movements in diverse scenarios. Some moves, for example, are superior for crowd management, while others may focus assaults on a single opponent. Consider whether the fighting maneuver reduces the space between you and your opponent.

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