We have brought you a guide on how to beat Mr Freeze in Batman Arkham City. Follow the steps and beat this boss with ease.

Batman: Arkham City is a game that combines stealth tactics with open-world action-adventure gameplay. This game allows the player to view the playable character on screen while freely rotating the surrounding camera from a third-person perspective. The player has full access to Arkham City from the start. Mr. Freeze is without a doubt the game’s most difficult boss fight. The number of times you’ll have to take down Freeze is determined by your level of difficulty: three times on easy, five times on normal, eight times on hard, and nine times on new game+.

You must perform a Beat Down on Freeze every time you employ a certain approach against him, after which Freeze will activate a distinct countermeasure for each action. For example, if you try to sneak up on him, he’ll activate the jet pack on the back of his costume. After he’s been harmed, Freeze will activate his suit’s shield, which will harm you if you stay too close to him.

How to Beat Mr. Freeze
Batman Arkham City (Image credit: Batman Arkham Videos)
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How to Beat Mr Freeze

Mr. Freeze also has a few additional gimmicks up his sleeve. He can always detect your body heat and follow your position if you are in front of him. If he can’t locate you, he’ll dispatch scout drones to confirm your whereabouts. He’ll utilize his ice pistol, which Penguin used previously, as well as frost grenades, to capture you. Your footsteps will be visible to Freeze, which you may use against him. 

Attacking Freeze head-on will never succeed because Freeze will almost always respond with a crushing retaliation. The most challenging aspect of this encounter is that after the first time, Mister Freeze will become immune to whatever attack you perform. As a result, you’ll have to employ a variety of strategies to combat him. 

You should launch your initial assault as soon as the conflict begins. It necessitates the use of the Disruptor, therefore you’ll need to equip it. Aim for Freezing and disrupt his freeze gun as quickly as possible. After that, sprint over to him and use the Beat down skill to launch a quick assault while pressing X in a rhythmic pattern.

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How to Beat Mr Freeze: Analyze his skills

How to Beat Mr. Freeze
Batman Arkham City (Image credit: Batman Arkham Videos)

Spend some time analyzing Mister Freeze’s abilities before doing anything else. When he spots Batman, he will stroll around the area and deploy his freeze gun, so utilize Detective Mode to keep an eye on him. Freeze will also occasionally fire guided ice bullets. Hide inside one of the lower-level rooms to dodge the onslaught. It’s also worth noting that viewpoint points aren’t available. As a result, it’s advisable to stay on the ground during the combat, perhaps employing the Grapnel Gun to get to the side balconies fast.

The second attack entails catching him off guard. Turn on Detective Mode and utilize it to sneak behind Mister Freeze #1’s back. Approach him, press Y, then swiftly approach him again, this time hitting X in a rhythmic manner.

The final technique is shocking Mister Freeze by striking through one of the floor grates. Hide inside one of them and hit Y when Freeze approaches. It’s also worth noting that if Freeze shoots the guided missiles, they will be able to locate Batman inside the shaft and injure him. In such cases, you should rapidly exit and seek refuge in one of the side rooms. After you’ve finished the assault, don’t forget to use the finishing move (pressing X).

The chamber strategy

How to Beat Mr. Freeze
Batman Arkham City (Image credit: Batman Arkham Videos)

The fourth attack should be launched from the lowest level’s western chamber. Wait for Freeze to appear by placing yourself next to the huge red button #1. When he arrives and comes to a halt on the soaked area of the floor, hits the button to electrocute him. Approach him as previously and begin attacking by pressing X.

The fifth and final strike requires the use of the Electrical Charge. Locate one of the chamber’s generators, hide in the northern room, shoot at it, and wait for Freeze to appear. Send a charge and let the supervisor know that the discharge worked.

If the strike you just used was the fifth, you’ll need to hit X to end Freeze for good. After winning the battle, a cutscene will play in which Harley Quinn takes advantage of the situation and steals the cure. Freeze will compensate you with a new gadget, the Freeze Blast.

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