For all the God of War fans, we have brought you a guide on how to solve the Seasons Puzzle in God of War. 

Many puzzles and riddles are included in God of War, making the game more difficult for players. Players are frequently pushed to think outside the box in order to proceed through riddles and reach the end of the game, thanks to Kratos’ abilities and ingenuity. The Seasons Puzzle, which is part of God of War’s Magic Chisel quest, is one of the game’s easier challenges.

The Seasons Puzzle is near the Mason’s Channel and Thamur’s Corpse in Midgard. Kratos is compelled to send Atreus forward to transmit information because the puzzle is basically destroyed. To solve the task, players will have to make use of Kratos’ powers.

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Where to find the Seasons Puzzle in God of War

The puzzle itself may be found within a ruin near Thamur’s Corpse, which can be reached through Mason’s Channel. You’ll meet new adversaries named Wulvers along the route that can effortlessly avoid your strikes. Create an opportunity with Atreus’ shock arrows or stun assaults to wear them down.

Along the way to the puzzle, you’ll encounter a Traveler Viking, who is a challenging mini-boss to defeat due to his near-impenetrable armor and the ability to conjure reaver shadows as reinforcements. Send Atreus to deal with the other adversaries while you evade the Traveler’s attacks until he utilizes his unblockable lunge and sweep. At this point, you may deliver damage — but watch out for his counter. Pass the big hammer in the area after the fight, and you will eventually reach the room where the Seasons Puzzle will block the path forward.

How to solve the Seasons Puzzle in God of War

Seasons Puzzle in God of War
God of War (Image credit: YouTube)

There will be some debris and an unreachable sand bucket in the chamber where the puzzle is hidden. Clear the rubble to make a hole for Atreus to crawl through and get entrance to the sand basin. He’ll now read a puzzle on the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

The Seasons Puzzle is based on a single piece of conversation that is easily overlooked. In fact, new players, particularly those who are playing God of War on PC for the first time, should get into the habit of turning on subtitles. The remark is said by Atreus, and it serves as a hint to Kratos that the emblems on the wall, one for each season, are arranged incorrectly. 

Kratos must toss his Leviathan axe at each symbol to alter it to a new one in order to finish the riddle and go on. At the bottom of each sign are two little circles, one on the left and one on the right. To make the symbols go in the appropriate way, players must hit the correct circle.

What is the correct order?

Seasons Puzzle in God of War
God of War (Image credit: YouTube)

The correct order is winter, spring, summer, and fall, from right to left. To overcome the task, players just need to toss Kratos’ axe; no strong armor or God of War gear is necessary. After successfully completing the problem, the season symbols will illuminate and the circular targets will be covered. If everything is considered, the problem should not take too long to solve.

As part of God of War’s Magic Chisel quest, the Seasons Puzzle needs to be solved. The Seasons Puzzle in God of War is a great interlude between the beginning of the game and the rest of the game.

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