Ready for some cool and interesting puzzles? Homescapes is the right game for you. Read our Homescapes guide for some tips and tricks.

Homescapes is about Austin, a former youth worker who returns to his childhood mansion to restore it. While maintaining the house, he attempts to convince his parents that they don’t need to sell it. By solving match-3 puzzles, players can help him complete tasks on the To-do list. You might have to install new stairs or restore the statues in the main hall, or pet a cat. 

The player receives in-game currency and a Star reward if they complete all puzzle levels. With coins, you can buy more than 100,000 design patterns for the mansion or buy lives and power-ups for puzzle levels. In this Homescapes guide, we will tell you all the cheats, tips, and tricks that will help you in the game. 

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Homescapes Guide: Rockets

Rockets are the most important special blocks in the game. The game will be more difficult as you move ahead. You will have to clear jellies and boxes that will make your problems bigger. To solve this problem, rockets are your savior. Rockets can clear an entire row for you.

Homescapes Guide: Paper Planes

You can create paper planes by matching four pieces in a square or box pattern. Activating the paper planes will automatically direct them to your next objective. The plane will clear one piece for you if you are at a level that needs a certain number of pieces cleared. The plane will target an uncarpeted area if you need to carpet the area. It will also break one of the locked pieces free if you have locked pieces.

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Homescapes Guide: Moves

Moves are very important in Homescapes as they help you to solve the puzzles and even give you extra bonus. If you have some extra moves left after you have completed a puzzle then they will turn into rockets or bombs and do a big explosion that will help you to get more coins. Therefore, if you save extra moves, then you will get the bonus coins that will help you in the game. 

Homescapes Gameplay
Gameplay (Playrix)

Do not just group three blocks

Yes, just grouping the three blocks might seem easy and quick, but it will not help you in the long term. As you progress in the game, the puzzles will be more difficult. If you group a row of four blocks, it will create a rocket and that will clear the entire row either horizontally or vertically. Similarly, if you group four blocks it will make paper planes. This is how you can make different powers and clear the blocks easily. So it is always best to group more than three blocks.

Start with a bang

Whenever you are starting the puzzle, always keep in mind to have a good start or to get as many points as possible. You can carefully look for the best way to have a big chain. You can also go for the special block. All this will help you to get a head start so that the puzzle later will end easily.

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Clear the bottom

Creating matches near the bottom is always a good idea. As a result, you can re-shuffle the board more completely or at least create some waves. This will result in more matches and a faster journey to the end of the level. If you feel that you can’t solve the puzzle from the upper side, clearing it from the bottom side will help you a lot, you can target some extra tiles automatically by clearing the bottom.

Homescapes Gameplay
Gameplay (Playrix)

Play with friends

You might feel that you can solve the puzzles all by yourself. However, there will be some puzzles that will be fun for you if you play them with your friends. You can even join a team and play with them. You can connect to Facebook so that you will have even more friends. The best part is that when you connect to Facebook, you will immediately get a reward of 1,000 coins. What is more fun than a free reward, right?

So, this was all you need to know about Homescapes. If you follow all these tips and tricks then you will surely solve the puzzles quickly without any trouble.

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