How to beat Lynel Zora’s Domain – Breath of the Wild

Want to know how to beat Lynel Zora’s Domain in Breath of the Wild? Our guide will help you out to win this fight easily. 

Lynel is an enemy that you will face in the Breath of the Wild. This enemy is optional and you can find many across Hyrule. However, you will face one for sure at the Zora’s Domain. You have to visit Shatterback point in Zora’s Domain on Ploymus mountain in order to get the shock arrows. You will be told to get 20 shock arrows when you speak to King Dorephan and complete the Reach Zora’s Domain quest. 

Furthermore, you require these shock arrows so that you can restore the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. As we said above, it is found near the Shatterback point on Ploymus mountain in a Lynel den. Therefore, you will have to face this enemy and beat him. But how to beat Lynel Zora’s Domain? In this guide, we will be helping you to win this fight.

Lynel fight gameplay
Fight gameplay (youTube)
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Location of Lynel 

Head to the east by taking the bridge, that goes towards the cliffs. It is on the same level as the Mipha stature. After that, you need to head to the giant waterfall. You will be wearing the Zora Armor as you received it from the King. At the base near the waterfall, you will see an option to swim upward. Swim till you reach the top and keep doing it until you reach a clifftop area. 

You will know that this is the right place because there will be a story slate on the right and also one more waterfall to scale. Now after you cleared the water area, go up through the trees till the hill. Keep going until you reach the Ploymus mountain. Lynel will be waiting for you there.

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How to beat Lynel

After you reach the location, the question arises that how to beat Lynel? Well, Lynel is a mini-boss that you will face, and it will give you a tough fight. In this fight, you will need to have some patience as you will be dodging and blocking a lot. Following a perfect guard, you can rush for an attack as it is the best chance to deal damage to Lynel. 

The Stasis rune ability will be a great help for you in this fight against Lynel. Long-range might be bad for you. Lynel is great in both close-range and long-range attacks. He can hit you strong from the close range, but his long-range attacks are very difficult to avoid. Therefore, we recommend you to stay near Lynel. 

The only time you need to get away from Lynel is when he summons the fireballs. To avoid this attack, get behind something so that you will be safe from the blast of the fireballs. You can do the aerial attack when the fireballs hit the ground. This is because it creates an updraft so that you can paraglide and attack Lynel. The best weapon you can use to attack while in the air is a bow and arrows. 

Lynel fight gameplay
Fight gameplay (youTube)
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Try to aim for its head, as it will stun the mini-boss. If you use the Ice arrow, you will freeze him. This is a great opportunity to deal some more damage to Lynel. You can go top of it and quickly attack as much as you can. This fight is all about patience, so you will need to wait for the right opportunity to attack. 

Things to keep in mind

  • Upgrade your equipment to its best.
  • Be light. Use one hand weapon and light armors so that you can be quick enough to dodge attacks by Lynel.
  • Practice for the perfect guard. This will help you a lot in the fight against the mini-boss.

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