Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide – Trust Rank, Furniture, Rewards, and more

We have brought you the Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot guide. Learn everything about the trust rank, furniture, and much more with the help of our guide.

The Serenitea Pot mechanism appears to be one of the more intriguing Genshin Impact improvements in a long time. There are various significant characteristics of the Serenitea Pot system in Genshin Impact to discuss. While it has been included since the 1.5 update, there are still some details that gamers should be aware of. There is still the issue of players not knowing what the Trust Rank, Furniture, and Realm Currency are.

We’ve got you covered, whether you haven’t yet unlocked your Serenitea Pot or just need an explanation, as well as plenty of other tips and tricks to get you started. If you’ve already dipped your toes into the Serenitea, you may be wondering where you can get all of these Genshin Impact wood components needed to craft furniture and other items. Read our Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide for all the information.

Talk to tubby to complete Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot
Talking to Tubby (YouTube)
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Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide: How to get the pot

Travelers must have completed all of the levels up to this point and be level 35. The quest ‘A Teapot to Call Home’ will then appear in the list. Travel to Liyue and talk with Madam Ping to begin this quest.

A Teapot to Call Home is a straightforward quest that primarily entails following waypoints and conversing with NPCs. It introduces players to Yanfei, a playable character who is assisting in the collection of resources needed to craft this teapot universe. After completing the game, players can return to Madam Ping for their own Serenitea Pot.

The player’s inventory contains the Serenitea Pot, which can be found in the gadgets section. To use the teapot, go to the menu and select “place.” After exiting the menu, the teapot, like other gadgets, will appear in front of the player. You can interact with the teapot to enter it, and you can leave it by interacting with the map and teleporting as usual. This transports the player to a different area of the game, akin to a realm. 

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Realm Styles

Before you can begin, you must first select one of the three realm styles available. Don’t be too concerned about this decision. So far, the worlds differ simply in appearance, which is a little less than expected. They all supply a similar amount of land, but the region surrounding it will be different. It’s more like picking a backdrop in its current state and knowing that you’ll be able to modify it later – but not for a long time.

Players can begin exploring their new teapot house after they have arrived. Apart from the mansion and meadows, there won’t be anything there yet. The teapot ghost Tubby stands in front of the mansion, looking after the care of your new home.

Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide: Trust Rank 

Trust Rank
Trust Rank (YouTube)

Trust Rank functions similarly to a player’s Adventure Rank. The UI and level-up rewards are comparable in function, but not in the way that the player levels it up. Players will be able to earn various furniture prizes based on their Trust Rank. The player must create and furnish their house in order to increase their Trust Rank. 

The Trust Rank system may be used to gain various furnishings, but that doesn’t imply players are confined to them. Some new merchants, such as the Realm Depot and Teapot Traveling Salesman, are also available to Genshin Impact players.

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Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide: Crafting

In Genshin Impact, crafting is a breeze. When players invest some resources, they will receive new furnishings to utilize in their homes. As a result, their Trust Rank will increase. The second reason is essential, since some players may be concerned about how they will obtain the resources needed to construct their dream home in Genshin Impact. 

These items may be discovered everywhere in the open world of Genshin Impact, so players aren’t confined to their houses all day. The different ores present in the Genshin Impact universe will most likely play an important role in this new crafting system. Trees can also be cut down, and their timber is utilized as a resource.

Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide: Realm Currency

Realm Currency’s official in-game description is “The currency of the realm. To barter for a variety of things in the Serenitea Pot.” One way to get new money is to empty the Jar of Riches in Genshin Impact.

The player must empty the Jar of Riches, which contains a limited amount of cash (300, as mentioned in one of the miHoYo blog entries). It’s as easy as that. It should be noted, however, that the Jar of Riches only holds a limited amount of currency at any given time, so players can expect to empty it frequently.

Otherwise, the user will receive no new Realm Currency. Realm Currency can also be obtained in various ways related to realms in Genshin Impact. Adeptal Energy, for example, is required to make additional Realm Currency. Players must decorate their homes more in order to obtain more Adeptal Energy. More furnishings imply more energy, which the player can utilize to their advantage in order to furnish even more new items.

Adeptal Energy details
Adeptal Energy details (YouTube)
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Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide: Furnishing

Furnishing is the backbone of Genshin Impact’s new home system. Players utilize the new Realm Currency to purchase new furniture, the Trust Rank to unlock new furniture, and the new crafting system to gain even more furniture. If players wish to decorate their house, everything is dependent on the furniture they have.

Furnishings come in a variety of star ratings, which reflect how uncommon a given piece is. Furnishing blueprints, gained through Trust Ranks, are comparable to culinary recipes in that players now know how to construct a new item.

Alternatively, players can get new blueprints via completing the new Adeptal Mirror task, visiting the previously stated new vendors, or engaging in new events. While there isn’t a specific tutorial on how to unlock everything just yet, users will quickly figure out how to achieve their dream furniture.

Furnishing (YouTube)

Things to keep in mind

A few Teyvat residents have been renovated to stores where you can buy furniture for your new homes. Goth, for example, can be located in the park south of the Knights of Favonious headquarters in Mondstadt. The other is Master Lu, who may be found at the home on Quince Village’s bottom ledge. Because they appear to be classified as conventional establishments, they are only open during the day.

Talking to Tubby allows you to construct furniture, but it takes a long time. If you aren’t utilizing those potions to immediately acquire your furniture, make sure the slots are constantly full. Empty slots serve no use, and with 14-hour turnaround times, it all adds up.

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Make sure you have some extra cash on hand before the weekend arrives. Chubby, the traveling salesperson, visits the Serenitea Pot planets during this time. Chubby sells items that are not available elsewhere, so keep a few on hand.

It isn’t often visible, but after items are put, they can be picked up, moved about, and even returned to your inventory. To do so, collapse the furnishing choices when in situ mode and then hover over objects.

It’s worth mentioning that you can currently harvest wood from trees in other people’s games. The wood spawns for whoever strikes the tree, and it appears to work for both sides. This means that you can both harvest wood from the same tree, but you must both hit it.

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