Here is the Genshin Impact Diona guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you understand the character even more.

Diona’s skill set in Genshin Impact consists of a shield and a healer. She is a rare and unique unit. Her scaling is primarily based on HP, so even scrap artifacts are still a viable option. Additionally, her constellations are extremely powerful. Many teams find Diona to be more comfortable to play with because it offers so much protection. As a battery, she is also excellent in many cases, especially when combined with a Favonius Warbow, making her a solid choice for all types of characters.

Her healing and EM abilities carry over with constellations throughout her burst. This makes her good at dealing high damage in a single hit. While Diona has many positive qualities, much of her potential lies behind constellations. The below Genshin Impact Diona guide will help you understand her more.

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Genshin Impact Diona Guide: Get close to your enemies

Diona is a character that is rather easy to utilize efficiently. You’ll normally want to go near a group of enemies. Use her held Elemental Skill “Icy Paws” to strike as many enemies as you can (the lock on is quite short range). Then swap to your primary DPS, who can use the shield and damage the slowed enemies to maximum effect.

Diona’s Elemental Burst is an amazing help

Her Elemental Burst “Signature Mix” deals a lot of AoE Cryo damage and heals friends, therefore you should use it as much as you can. You may use this early in the game and then swap out to aggressively battle in the healing zone. 

You can even use it after your primary DPS has taken a beating and needs a boost to keep up the damage. Diona can do a lot of damage within her Burst and with Icy Paws Shields active at higher constellation levels, but you’ll need C2 to get the most out of it.

Pair Diona with Hydro users

Genshin Impact Diona
Diona (YouTube)

Especially if you play with claymore DPS for shatter, pairing her with Hydro users is good for the CC because the frozen – Electro users abuse supercharge AoE well, and Pyro users are hit hard with melt. She is, perhaps, the best character for setting up Supercharge and Melt at this time in the game.

Use Icy Paws for more speed

It can be challenging to manage Stamina for characters who require it to be able to use stronger versions of their attacks. The cat’s tail secret menu, Diona’s passive talent, could prove useful in this situation.

Characters shielded by Icy Paws will gain increased Movement Speed (+10 percent) and less stamina usage (-10 percent). Essentially, you’ll be able to dash and evade various attacks with additional stamina. In sticky situations, this is particularly useful.

Hold mode in elemental skill is the key

Diona fighting scene
Diona attacking enemies (YouTube)

Diona’s Elemental Skill fires missiles that deliver Cryo damage while also shielding her. Her Elemental Skill, like that of many other Genshin Impact characters, has two modes with varying effects. The Hold Mode fires five projectiles while running backward, whereas the Press Mode fires two missiles.

Because the power of the shield formed is proportional to the number of projectiles that actually hit the adversary, most scenarios call for employing Hold Mode. The only time you can use her to cleanse a debuff is if you’re using her to cleanse a debuff. When deciding which talent to improve first, choose her Elemental Skill because the Hold Mode provides 75 percent damage absorption.

Genshin Impact Diona Guide: Conserve primos with Constellation 2

Diona’s constellations will be easy to find because she is a four-star figure. Constellation 2 is a wonderful place to stop if you want to conserve your Primos for a future character. The addition of more Constellations is really an added benefit!

Diona’s second Constellation, ‘Shaken, Not Purred,’ will boost her Elemental Skill Damage and Shield Damage Absorption by 15%. In addition, when her missiles strike the adversaries, a shield of 50% strength will appear around them for five seconds, protecting any surrounding teammates. This is very helpful in Co-op mode!

Elemental reactions

Diona gameplay
Diona showing skills (YouTube)

Diona’s powers as a supporting character go well beyond shielding and healing your group. Diona may assist in providing additional damage to foes with Melt and Superconduct reactions if you prefer a Pyro or Electro DPS character.

This works especially well with a Hydro support character like Xingqiu, who may use his Hydro application to aid freeze foes. The combination of these reactions will contribute more damage to your fights, making them easier.

Don’t lose your eyes from HP

The only stat to consider if you’ve just pulled Diona and aren’t sure which artefacts will work for her is her HP. Her shield’s ability to absorb harm is determined by her maximum health. Her basic HP is relatively low, even at the highest level, therefore she is completely reliant on the artefacts. So, if you have any artefacts with a major stat of HP percent, use them on Diona. When you have the chance, you can grind for the ideal artefacts with the proper set bonus.

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A Sacrificial Bow may be the best choice of weapon

Diona using bow
Diona with her bow (YouTube)

Diona’s weapon does not need to have a high Attack stat because she is a supporting character. Rather than dealing with physical damage, she will rely on her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. As a result, any five-star bow will be of little value to her. In light of this, the Sacrificial Bow is the best weapon for her. 

It’s a four-star bow with the bonus stat of Energy Recharge. In addition, if an opponent is struck with the Passive Skill, it has a 40% chance of terminating the Elemental Skill cooldown. This implies she’ll supply the party with extra shields!

Genshin Impact Diona Guide: Artefact

The greatest artefacts for Diona may vary according on your team’s composition. However, a two-piece Noblesse Oblige and a two-piece Maiden Beloved combination are great. You’ll gain a 20% increase in Elemental Burst Damage and a 15% increase in Character Healing Effectiveness.

If your party needs an Attack Buff or a Healing Buff, you can choose for the four-piece set of the aforementioned artefacts. The major stat you should focus on is HP percent, but you may also use Healing Bonus and Energy Recharge artefacts. HP percent, flat HP, and Energy Recharge are the sub-stats you should be looking for.

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