Want to know about Aloy? She has many things that you should know. And we have covered everything about her in our Genshin Impact Aloy Guide.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist, Aloy, is also a playable character in Genshin Impact. Aloy had been an outcast since she was a child, growing up in a harsh alpine wilderness amid a clan that had rejected her. She was raised by a great hunter who taught her how to hunt with cat-like grace and lethal precision, but he couldn’t teach her the things she really needed to know.

Most of all, she was desperate to learn the details of her birth – who her parents were and why she had been rejected by the tribe. Her search for answers drew her into a far larger and more deadly world than she could have anticipated. She came across weird and strong new tribes, mysterious old ruins, and terrifying human and mechanical enemies. She eventually realized that her origins and destiny were linked to the fate of the world, and she began an epic fight to defend it from the evil forces of ancient artificial intelligence.

Aloy’s estimated age is around 18-19 as she celebrates her birthday on April 4. Her height is around 5’1″. Satiety Ge is Aloy’s favorite dish. Aloy has a pale, freckled complexion and long, light auburn-brown hair that she wears in braids. She has light green-brown eyes and is seen on her card art wearing brown, black, blue, red, grey, and beige clothing, as well as heeled boots. To know more about Aloy, read our Genshin Impact Aloy Guide.

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Genshin Impact Aloy Guide: Elemental Skill – Frozen Wilds

Aloy launches a freeze cluster bomb, which bursts and delivers Cryo damage when it hits the ground. It explodes into smaller Cryo bombs that burst after a brief delay or when they come into contact with opponents, delivering additional damage.

Enemies damaged by bombs will have their attack damage decreased, and Aloy will gain one “coil stack” whenever a bomb strikes an opponent. After 4 stacks, she obtains the Rushing Ice buff, which transforms her normal attacks into Cryo damage. Aloy can’t get any additional stacks while this buff is active.

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Genshin Impact Aloy Guide: Elemental Burst – Prophecies of Dawn

Aloy using her bow
Aloy using her bow (YouTube)

Aloy fires a cryo-charged power cell that can only be exploded with an arrow. The power cell deals Cryo damage in an area of effect when it detonates. This is essentially a larger version of her Elemental Skill.

Genshin Impact Aloy Guide: Best Artifact

The Blizzard Strayer set is the best pick because it buffs Aloy’s many Cryo skills. Aloy gains 15% Cryo damage with two pieces equipped. Her Crit rate with Cryo increases by 20% with 4 pieces, and the bonus doubles if the enemy is Frozen. If you don’t have all four pieces of this set, the Gladiator’s Finale might be used to replace two of them.

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Aloy’s favorite dish

Cooking Mint Jelly with Aloy yields Satiety Gel, unique food that travelers can get. The ideal cross-section, regular form, and cool air are Aloy’s specialties. Aloy was unsure if you’d like this unusual dish at first, but she was relieved when you finished it all in one sitting.

Best Weapons for Aloy

The main attack is a priority for main DPS characters, hence powerful base attacks or weapons that buff normal attacks are ideal. The strongest 5-star bows are Thundering Pulse and Skyward Harp. Rust is the strongest 4-star bow, with Hamayumi being the F2P alternative.

Genshin Impact Aloy
Aloy with her bow (YouTube)

Best Team 

Perma Freeze and Melt are the greatest compositions for Aloy. Ganyu can be substituted with Aloy in the Morgana team (Mona, Diona, Venti, Ganyu) to deal with heavy damage continuously. Aloy may not be able to rival Ganyu in terms of damage, but she does an excellent job. Sucrose is nearly a like-to alternative for gamers who don’t have Venti. 

Aloy can be partnered with either Xiangling, Diluc, or Bennet in melt teams. Aloy is an excellent complement to a rapid swap team owing to her low cooldown and 40 cost burst, which she can easily spam. Combining her with Bennet to increase her damage and triggering melt with Chongyun for Cryo resonance and Sucrose/Venti with 4 pc Viridescent Vineer can do a lot of damage.

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Aloy does not have any Constellations

There are very less characters in Genshin Impact that players do not like. Aloy is one of them as she has lots of problems. We will discuss some of them. The constellations of Aloy are presently unavailable. It appears like there will be some sort of future event that will unlock this. We can only understand the technical details of her immediately accessible talents without a constellation before accepting the truth that there is no way to advance them any further. We should be able to level Aloy up to the point where she can stand beside our team.

Aloy can be replaced by a 4-star

5-star characters are commonly meta-defining in Genshin Impact. Aloy, on the other hand, is a flawed character who can easily be replaced with a 4-star character. Aloy’s Elemental Skill allows her to throw Cryo bombs at enemies, which explode and increase her Normal Attack DMG. She possesses no special abilities that entice players to build her. She isn’t as reliable as other 5-star characters when it comes to dealing with the end-game, especially the Abyss.

Aloy using her powers in Genshin Impact
Aloy using her powers (youTube)

Not powerful enough

Aloy isn’t a particularly powerful character to utilize, especially for a 5-star unit. Aloy is a Cryo elemental character that fights with a bow. She performs substantially poorer than her Cryo teammates when compared to other Genshin Impact characters such as Ganyu. Her function in a team is to do damage, and numerous of her abilities improve her damage output, but many of her problems stem from her Elemental Skill.

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Tip to using her as the primary Cryo DPS

Aloy’s Frozen Wilds Talent and the ice bombs she generates must hit enemies four times in order for her to be successful as a primary Cryo DPS unit in combat. This is required for Aloy to enter the Raging Ice State.

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