In this Lantern Rite Event, you will be facing Beisht, a boss who is the defender of the ocean. To help you, we have the Genshin Impact Oceanic Defender Guide.

Genshin Impact has released Part 3 of its Fleeting Colors in Flight event. There is a temporary boss in a particular domain that players can challenge themselves to face. The Oceanic Defender is a boss encounter featured in this year’s Lantern Rite event. Apart from the qualifications, there are no other criteria for unlocking the Oceanic Defender. Simply click on the event description and pick Oceanic Defender to enter the Challenge Domain in Guyun Stone Forest.

A traveler can take part in the Oceanic Defender challenge, in which he will be transported to a special area and face off against a boss named Beisht. The event page will show the players the Conquest Talismans after they complete the challenge. You can exchange this for one Liyue four-star character in Genshin Impact and the new outfit for Ningguang.

Genshin Impact Oceanic Defender Guide
Genshin Impact (image credit: YouTube)

Genshin Impact Oceanic Defender Guide: How to start?

After teleporting to Liyue, the domain south of Guyun Stone Forest, travelers can begin the Oceanic Defender task. Because the awards may be taken straight from the event page, no resins will be spent when players vanquish the adversary and quit the domain. Beihst will arrive with only one of her heads as the contest begins. 

There are three heads on the boss, each with its own health bar. To accomplish the challenge, players must beat all three heads. It’s worth noting that a defeated head can still attack the active character, but it won’t do any harm. According to the event website, players must complete the challenge six times in order to receive all Primogems and Conquest Talismans. 

Genshin Impact Oceanic Defender Guide: Beisht’s Attacks

Genshin Impact Oceanic Defender Guide
Genshin Impact (image credit: YouTube)

Vortex Attack

Beisht frequently employs a vortex-like assault that draws you toward the platform’s center. It delivers damage over time, so be cautious and consider carrying a shield or healer to help your squad survive.

Lunge Attack

A gigantic lunge strike, in which one head thrusts forward and causes immense damage, is another of Beisht’s defining attacks. Prior to this assault, a portion of the platform will be lit red, so make careful to dodge to avoid certain death!

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What type of characters should you pick?

What type of characters should you pick?
Genshin Impact (image credit: YouTube)

Beisht is only vulnerable to melee assaults for a short time. A ranged main DPS character that can continually deal out damage no matter how close or far Beisht is can make this battle easier! Anyone who can assist in dealing damage at any range and fits with your chosen characters can be an alternate Sub-DPS character. Because Beisht uses a lot of attacks throughout the fight, having a healer or a shield support character can help you win!

Players will want to select characters who can deliver a lot of DPS in short bursts because Beisht only exposes herself to melee assaults for a brief time. Despite the fact that there are more melee and short-ranged DPS characters, the list must be whittled down to those that can inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Sub-DPS and Support characters are adaptable and solely exist to assist the Main DPS!

Genshin Impact Oceanic Defender Guide: How to defeat Beisht

Making and applying food buffs is the first step in making this fight easier. The Adeptus’ Temptation is one of the greatest meal items for increasing all party members’ ATK percent. Essential Oils like Flaming or Frosting are also useful for increasing your Elemental Damage!

How to defeat Beisht
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Keep these attacks in mind

  • After one of Beisht’s heads completes the vacuum attack at the arena’s edge, the Jetstream attack will begin. Stay towards the outside of the arena while the attack moves in a long, broad path through the middle.
  • The water whirlpool will spawn at random in the arena’s middle, pulling in players and inflicting damage. Staying at the arena’s edge is usually a good method to dodge this assault.
  • Beisht will thrust her head forward and split the arena in two from afar. Stay near the edge of the region, to the side of where the head will appear, to avoid the assault.
  • Water droplets will fall from the sky at random, causing harm to unwary players. This assault features semi-random patterns that may be readily dodged by carefully timed dashes.
  • On the player, a marking will appear, showing who the missiles are following. As the water missiles approach, do a half-circle move to escape them.

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