How to beat Tartaglia/Childe in Genshin Impact – Guide

This guide is for all those Genshin Impact players who are thinking about how to beat Tartaglia in the game. We have a guide that will help you beat this boss.

Tartaglia (Childe) is a challenging boss in Genshin Impact who appears at the end of the Liyue story arc. Childe can be taken on once a week for prizes, some of which are required to finish leveling the skills of specific characters. Childe may be a ruthless boss, to the point where he was nerfed immediately after his release.

He is significantly more difficult to deal with than Stormterror, and he may utilize many of his components. On top of that, Childe has three distinct health bars to deal with, but thankfully he doesn’t employ a shield to make things even more difficult. To help you, we have a guide on how to beat Tartaglia (Childe) in Genshin Impact.

How to beat Tartaglia
Genshin Impact (Image credit: Youtube)

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How to beat Tartaglia/Childe

Before taking on Tartaglia, players need to ensure that their group includes a dedicated healer, as well as a primary and support DPS with complementary elemental responses. To achieve the overloaded elemental reaction, a suitable composition should have a primary pyro-DPS with electro support.

Throughout the fight’s three phases, Targalia will switch between elemental attack kinds. Tartaglia’s attacks will be totally Hydro-based during the first phase, while his assaults will be electro-based during the second. His assaults will be a mix of hydro strikes from his first phase and electrical attacks from his second phase in the final stage. As a consequence, players that are having trouble dealing with Tartaglia’s damage output should make Desiccant Potions to boost Hydro resistance and Insulation Potions to boost Electro resistance.

How to beat Tartaglia: First Phase

How to beat Tartaglia
Genshin Impact (Image credit: Youtube)

The majority of Tartaglia’s attacks will be ranged and hydro-based during his first phase. While this is the simplest of the boss’s three phases, finding an opportunity to attack him might be tough owing to his strike speed. After he has utilized his hydro wave shot ability or his basic six-hit arrow combo, the optimum moment to strike Tartaglia during this phase is after he has used his hydro wave shot ability or his basic six-hit arrow combination.

In either case, Tartaglia will briefly pause after using the move, giving players an opportunity to deal large amounts of damage to his health bar. You should watch out for Tartaglia generating a large Hydro pool around him as soon as he moves to the side during this phase. Tartaglia’s giant Hydro whale will easily one-hit most characters after seeing this. Players should immediately move to the far edges of the battle zone when they see this.

How to beat Tartaglia: Second Phase

Second Phase
Genshin Impact (Image credit: Youtube)

Tartaglia’s attacks will transform from ranged hydro assaults to melee electrical attacks in his second phase. Tartaglia’s speed will rise dramatically during this phase, and he will exert substantial pressure on the player as he teleports around the arena. When Tartaglia’s two electro blades aren’t equipped, this is the best opportunity to injure him.

While the hydro whale isn’t a threat during Tartaglia’s second phase, he does have a devastating plunge ability that delivers a lot of damage. When an electrical ring appears around their character, it means he’s preparing to activate the ability. Players must dash as soon as they notice this ring to avoid suffering damage.

How to beat Tartaglia: Final Phase

How to beat Tartaglia
Genshin Impact (Image credit: Youtube)

Tartaglia’s attacks will be electrical melee and ranged hydro abilities during his final phase. While his third phase appears to be the most dangerous, it is really much simpler than the second owing to his slower pace. During this phase, the best tactic is to lure Tartaglia into striking at close range, then sprint behind him to inflict damage on his back.

Players should have a few seconds to chip away at Tartaglia’s health before needing to adjust due to how long his attack animations are during this phase. When hitting Tartaglia from behind, though, it is vital to be cautious since he will occasionally spin and attack the player.

Additional tips

Equipping oneself with a catalyst or bow user is one of the greatest ideas. This allows you to stay a distance from Childe and continue dealing with damage. Reactions are also quite useful in removing larger parts of his health. Using abilities like Fischl’s Oz to repeatedly attack Childe with elemental damage to induce responses without getting too near is an excellent concept.

When you have your burst ready, it’s a terrific opportunity to dash in for an assault. This will guarantee that you get the most bang for your buck from your burst. However, before you rush in, pop a shield to try to reduce the damage; having Beidou utilize her shield in the battle might be especially effective when Childe uses electrical attacks.

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