Want to know what the GTA Prize Ride Challenge is? Read below in our guide and also unlock the latest ride of the week.

Every week during the Car Meet, a prized vehicle is driven on the back of a Slamtruck. To earn the free reward ride, participants must complete a series of obstacles. Completing these difficulties might take several days. For consecutive day challenges, the timer resets at 00:00 UTC each day. It is not required to wait 24 hours between races.

GTA Online will have its fourth Prize Ride Challenge starting January 27 and running through February 3. Prize Ride Challenge this week is to place in the top 3 in the LS Car Meet Series race for 3 consecutive days to qualify for this week’s Prize Ride. The Prize Ride winner will receive $1,489,000 if they win this week’s Karin Previon, which is valued at $1,495,000.

GTA Prize Ride Challenge
GTA Prize Ride Challenge (Image credit: GTA fandom)

For those who are reasonably adept behind the wheel, however, you will not need to buy it, because you will get it for free. Can’t race? Then perhaps you should boost vehicles from Exotic Exports’ car list instead.

GTA Prize Ride Challenge: How to claim the reward?

As soon as you complete the weekly Prize Ride Challenge, the car will be available for you to claim from the game’s interaction menu. If you want to buy a new car, just make sure you have a little space for it in your garage. Although you only need one garage spot to claim your reward, it is important to make sure you have one available before proceeding. When you make room in your garage, the car will be delivered right away.

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GTA Prize Ride Challenge: How to get Prize Ride Car

GTA Prize Ride Challenge
GTA Prize Ride Challenge (Image credit: GTA fandom)

The first step is to ensure your $50,000 LS Car Meet membership has been paid. You can then participate in the weekly Prize Ride Challenges once you’ve completed those. You can view the weekly challenge by clicking on the ‘Prize Ride Challenge’ section of your interaction menu in LS Car Meet. The race in question should then be selected from the interaction menu when you know what to do. Once you’ve been placed in a lobby, you’ll be able to select your race, but be aware that other players might take some time to join.

For the sweet ride, all you have to do is complete the Prize Ride Challenge. You may gain a competitive edge in the game by winning a new race from the list below:

  • Head-to-Head
  • Scramble
  • Time Trials
  • Street Race Series
  • Pursuit Series 
  • Sprint 

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