Are you confused about selecting an operator? Do not worry, as we are here with a guide for the best operators in Rainbow Siege Six.

Rainbow Six Siege in 2022 is unlike anything you’ve ever played before, whether you’re a first-time player or a seasoned veteran. It has altered dramatically in the year since the game’s debut in December 2015. Some of the newest Rainbow Six Siege operators aren’t having the same impact as you may think.

Even while learning operators with a high skill ceiling is advantageous, you should ease into the assault and defensive roles. Finally, it’s not worth squandering all of your Renown on units that will simply make the learning process 10 times more difficult. Siege is one of the most challenging and rewarding FPS games to play because of its blisteringly rapid kill rates, tactical gameplay, and high skill ceiling. To help you, we have a list of the best operators in Rainbow Siege Six below.

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Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Sledge (Attacker)

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege
Sledge (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Sledge uses his hammer to do a lot of gentle destruction, then adds grenades and the insanely strong SMG-11 to complete out his arsenal. He is the most popular grenade operator in the whole assaulting roster, has begun to challenge Zofia’s pick rate. His ability to demolish gadgets/shields with his grenades while simultaneously being a competent soft breach operator with his hammer accounts for a large part of his strength.

If Zofia didn’t have breaching charges, she’d be in serious trouble. His selection rate would start to significantly outnumber hers. This is because the current meta allows attackers to use grenades to their full devastating potential without having to worry about anti-projectile devices. His SMG-11 secondary also boosts his close-quarters and long-range effectiveness.

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Thermite (Attacker)

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege
Thermite (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Because of his unique gadget that entirely transforms how you approach your target, Thermite will always be a godsend for the Attackers. Thermite, like Hibana, is nearly typically chosen for his capacity to break through reinforced barriers. However, unlike Hibana and her Year 2 Operator pricing, Thermite is completely inexpensive. 

Simply place Thermite’s beefed-up breaching charge against any defensive wall, and you’ll be able to break through, opening up several lines of attack for whoever’s on the other side. If they don’t respond quickly enough, you may even get a kill on a camper hugging the same, soon-to-exploded wall.

Be aware that when played correctly, some Defenders may effectively shut down your ability. Your breaching charges will be rendered ineffective by Mute’s jammer, and Bandit’s shock wire will destroy it. If your breaching charge fails, don’t attempt again in the same area; instead, search for a new position where you may blast a hole in the opposing defenses. Before you detonate the charge, make sure your colleagues are clear of it so they don’t get killed in the blast.

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Ash (Attacker)

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege
Ash (Image credit: Ubisoft)

When assaulting, you may desire a bit extra speed, especially if there isn’t much time left on the clock. With her customized M120 CREM, Ash is a fast-paced striker who can run down defenders and create catastrophic opportunities. When compared to the conventional Breach Charge, creating holes in soft buildings is very simple, and the ranged nature of her grenade launcher makes shattering barriers safer.

As Ash, your mission is to reach the target as fast as possible and cause as much havoc and damage as possible. Throw in your stun grenades and start cleaning up any opposing players who are anchoring on the objective once you’ve penetrated a soft wall. Your breach’s sheer speed and agility will generally make it difficult for your opponents to respond, especially if you launch it while your colleagues are busy sieging on the other side of the map.

Unlike other attackers, Ash is capable of breaching from a number of places. Consider launching an attack from above or below the goal to surprise your opponents, as this will generate various opportunities that cause your opponents to continually examine multiple spots. If that weren’t enough, the M120 CREM can also remove any traps or barriers in your way. 

So don’t be afraid to clear the path before launching your attack. The more mobile you are, the more difficult it is for your adversary to strike you. Despite the fact that Ash’s equipment is quite basic, she is one of the most devastating attackers in the game.

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Jager (Defender)

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege
Jager (Image credit: Ubisoft)

In recent months, Jager has been catching up to Blackbeard in terms of nerfs. But, no matter what the developers do to him, this op is so deeply embedded in Siege’s DNA that it’ll be difficult to imagine a defensive lineup without him. Jager has a tremendous pick rate and is a fan favorite thanks to his ripping 416-C and his ‘put and forget’ gadget. This allows you to assist your squad out without really accomplishing anything.

Long after Jager is gone, his ‘put and forget’ gadget will still be operational and supporting the team, especially given that they are active for the whole round rather than having restricted uses as they used to. Jager can very much enhance any basic defensive arrangement, whether it’s catching a stray nade that killed your anchor or stacking with other Magpie Defenses to keep a power position. This operator is a fine choice in most situations, but if you have a strong aim and a good understanding of location, you can use him to control the game.

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Doc (Defender)

Doc (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Doc offers additional survivability and heals your team, so he is the operator to have on your team. In addition to the ability to revive his teammates and himself from a distance, Doc’s Stim Pistol can also boost any unit’s health over 100. With each stim shot, you will heal/overheal a player for 40 health and have the chance to set up some game-winning plays every second the shot is active. It’s true that Doc’s Stim Pistol can be extremely useful, but it is limited to only four bullets, so make sure they are used properly.

Additionally, Doc is one of only six Defenders who can use the ACOG sight attachment at medium and long ranges, making him incredibly deadly. The ability to peek spawn locations and hold angles allows Doc to hold the objective more precisely, forcing attackers to be extra cautious while pushing onto it. His Barbed Wire bundles provide an even greater amount of information than Doc’s Bulletproof Camera.

When your enemies are trodden over Barbed Wire, not only does it slow them down, it also creates quite a bit of noise. The barbed wire can be placed behind a non-reinforced wall so that bullets can be fired when the suspects rustle. Although Doc’s kit lends itself to anchor playstyles, his Stim Pistol also allows for some equally aggressive plays, allowing you to choose between defending and roaming as you see fit.

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Smoke (Defender)

Smoke (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Smoke will let you customize the bombsite to your liking, with a powerful shotgun and the option of barbed wire or a deployable shield, allowing you to go full Grand Designs on any bombsite. This operator has an excellent loadout, which includes the pocket sniper SMG11 secondary weapon, which is effective at almost any range if you can handle it. 

He’s a good choice for wasting the attacker’s time. Because defenders just need to stall attackers until the timer runs out, Smoke’s ability to stall for more than 30 seconds with his poisonous grenade devices puts him towards the top of the list of best defenders. 

It’s one of the best things about Smoke that his gadget gets stronger the longer he lives. Each toxic grenade you have is ten seconds of delay until you reach a point where a different attack has to push through the gas, taking damage as it does as it moves through it. Taking 30hp from an attacker means you’ll have one fewer bullet to land on that person later.

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