Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

Are you a Pokemon fan? Then you are at the right place, as we have the Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has finally arrived, and with it comes the most significant evolution in the series’ history. Fans may be unfamiliar with new mechanics and notions as a result of such a shift. There’s enough to explore and learn, whether it’s the inclusion of crafting, the simplified fighting system, or traveling the semi-open world biomes.

The basic formula has been drastically altered, and all the previous mechanics that remain have been completely overhauled. However, the game fails to make several points abundantly evident when they should have been. To help you, we have the Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide with some of the best tips and tricks.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide: Choosing battles

Pokemon have largely revolved around battles for over 25 years. Your goal is to catch and train magical creatures until they are big and strong. Send them on a collision course until one of them is rendered unconscious by fire and lightning. Legends: Arceus still features this, but to a much lesser extent.

Legends: Arceus features very few trainer battles, most of which occur during key points in the main narrative. Furthermore, the majority of Pokemon – especially the early ones – can be caught by sneaking up on them and throwing a Poke Ball at their back, which will catch them off guard. Although you can battle them, it takes longer, risks your party’s health, and you may also make your desired Pokemon faint by accident.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide: What to pick up

Pokemon Legends Arceus  guide
Pokemon Legends Arceus (Image credit: Nintendo)

Crafting is one of the key new features of Legends: Arceus. Players will have to scour the various biomes for the necessary materials in order to have a consistent supply of Poké, Great, and other types of balls in their inventory. Apricorns and Tumblestone are the major resources you’ll need to produce Poké Balls at first. In the several locations of Hisiu, the former may be found in trees and on defeated Pokemon, while the latter can be found in mineral deposits.

More crafting supplies can be obtained, but your bag will rapidly fill up. With such a limited amount of storage space at the start, it’s a good idea to put the aforementioned Poké Ball construction supplies first in your inventory. Being able to readily construct 50 balls at the start will allow you to stay in the early biomes for longer, resulting in more rewards.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide: Increase carrying capacity

As previously stated, when you gather additional materials and make more objects, you will rapidly run out of space in the game. On the interior of the Galaxy Team headquarters, there is a Survey Corps member who will expand the capacity in your satchel one slot at a time, with each slot getting more and more expensive. The financial demands for upgrading eventually get absurd, yet it’s ultimately worthwhile since you’ll soon run out of space if you don’t.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide: Side quests

As you go through the game, the main shops in Jubilife Village will give you sidequests. You should absolutely complete these sidequests as you go to unlock additional store stuff, such as hairstyles and products.

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Make your team more diverse

Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide
Pokemon Legends Arceus (Image credit: Nintendo)

Despite sounding obvious, this is actually a vital point. Gym leaders were an important element in Pokemon games in the past, so generally, you knew who you were going up against. There are no gyms in Arceus, and all battles are often tied to a part of the story that is completely unrelated to the gyms. 

As a result, you can’t always predict when you’ll have to suffer through your pet’s pain. Trainers typically have one or two Pokemon, but the idea of monotype NPC teams has disappeared – you can face any Pokemon one moment, then something completely different the next. This is one reason why you shouldn’t head out into the field before having made all the necessary preparations.

Help Farmers

Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide
Pokemon Legends Arceus (Image credit: Nintendo)

Participating in the agricultural side requests located in Jubilife Village is another easy way to load your bags with Apricorns. You’ll encounter two farmers with a single piece of farming land at the start of the game. As things stand, you’ll be able to request that the farmer grow Apricorns, among other things. However, as you go through the game, the other farmer will begin to seek your assistance in expanding the fields by bringing him Pokemon to help him care for the land.

The more you help your neighbors by bringing Geodudes, Psyducks, and other creatures, the more harvest possibilities you’ll have, and the higher your return will be. It’s a simple way to gather many resources that you won’t have to carry about all the time, and it’ll come in handy when you’re in between tasks and need to create supplies.

Be aware of Alpha Pokemon

Alpha Pokemon are among the most difficult to defeat, but they are well worth the effort. They are more powerful than your typical garden variety monsters and may be found across Hisui’s many biomes. However, after you’ve caught them, you’ll be able to utilize that strength against your enemies, since their unique skills and improved stats will transfer over when they become your companions.

If you want to bring them into your squad, it’s critical that you employ type advantages against them while also having a few status effect techniques like hypnosis ready to go. It also assists your fight if you utilize the identical back strike maneuver mentioned previously to strike first at your terrifying opponent in combat.

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Release the extra Pokemons

Release the extra Pokemons
Pokemon Legends Arceus (Image credit: Nintendo)

When you return to Jubilife Village after a hard day of gathering Pokémon, you’ll find that they’ve all been placed in the pasture. You may release them back into the wild, just as in the earlier games. The released Pokémon in Legends: Arceus rewards players with resources that may be used to level up parts of your companion creature’s base attributes, including health, attack, and more. Having the option of being rewarded for setting them free is an excellent way to keep improving your team.

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