Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Rewards – How to Unlock, Hidden Quests

We have brought you the Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Rewards guide that will help you to learn everything about it.

The Reputation system is there in Genshin Impact from before. This feature has lots of rewards and quests. Rewards will give you interesting recipes and even gadgets. Therefore, you would really not want to miss this. If you don’t know much about it, then do not worry, Our guide will tell you everything about the Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Rewards.

Inazuma Reputation Rewards
Inazuma Reputation Rewards (YouTube)
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How to unlock

The Reputation system always requires you to talk to an NPC in order to unlock it. The process to unlock it is not very difficult. After you complete a few quest chains in Inazuma Archon Quest, “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia”, you will unlock the Inazuma Reputation system. After this, you will need to interact with Madarame Hyakubei in order to learn more about this system. You will find Madarame in Kamisato Estate.

Talk to the NPC
Talk to the NPC (YouTube)

Level Up Reputation

  • By completing the weekly bounties and requests, you can get the Reputation Exp. You can complete three bounties and three requests every week, so try not to miss any.
  • You will get 40 Reputation and 20,000 Mora by completing a single Request.
  • On the other hand, the Reputation Exp from bounties depends on the bounty level that you have selected.
  • If you want more Reputation Exp, then you have to explore Inazuma, complete World Quests, and Archon Quests.
Genshin Impact Inazuma Story quests
Story quests (YouTube)
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Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Rewards

  • Konda Cuisine Recipe (Level 1)
  • “Pines Awaiting the Twilight” and “Stone Lantern: Fudoumyou’s Light” blueprints (Level 2)
  • Naku Weed Seeds (Level 3)
  • Inazuma “Kamisato Crest” name card and Rice Cake Soup Recipe (Level 4)
  • Red Feather Fan (Level 5)
  • “Long Yumemiru Table” and “Tea Wisp-Clouded White Couch” blueprints (Level 6)
  • Inazuma “Raiden Emblem” name card and Butter Crab Recipe (Level 7) 
  • Electroculus Resonance Stone blueprint (Level 8)
  • Electro Treasure Compass Diagram (Level 9)
  • “Wings of the Stormstrider” wind glider and “The Illustrious” (Level 10)
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Use of Inazuma Reputation Rewards and Gadgets

There are some Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Rewards and gadgets that are very helpful and great to have. 

  • If you want to locate the precious Electroculi in Inazuma, the Electroculus Resonance Stone gadget will help you.
  • Konda cuisine: It is one of the best rewards. You can revive a character by restoring 1200 HP.
  • Rice Cake Soup: Defense will be increased for all party members by 200 for 300 seconds.
  • A world Quest, The Art of Horticulture will unlock at Reputation level 3. It will enable the gardening system in the Teapot Realm.
  • If you want to track the treasure chests in Inazuma, the Electro Treasure Compass will help you.
  • You will get a 30% boost in gliding speed for three seconds with the help of a gadget called The Red Feather Fan.

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