This is The Best Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Build You Need in 2024

Do you want to unlock the best build for Pokemon Unite Mimikyu? Find the top moves, held items and boost emblems for Mimikyu.

Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 Moba. Finding the best build for your Pokemon gets easier with the top held items, moves and battle items. Trainers can use the best boost emblems to enhance their skills. Pokemon Unite has plenty of S-ranked units. Mimikyu, the ghost and fairy type unit is a strong Melee attacker. The table below gives a quick view of the best build for Mimikyu in Pokemon Unite:

Best Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Build Overview
Best MovesBest Held ItemsBest Boost Emblems
Basic AttackScope LensDrowzee
DisguiseFocus BandVenonat
AstonishWeakness PolicySeel
Play RoughAttack WeightMagneton

In Pokemon Unite, Mimikyu is also a strong All-rounder with high offense and mobility. Mimikyu has poor scoring skills and this can be boosted by unlocking its best items. Getting the mimikyu Pokemon card is also easier in the game. Mimikyu card is available from the Aeos shop and it can be played with the best attackers and defenders in the game. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Mimikyu build, moves, and playing style.

Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Build

Trainers can unlock the Pokemon Unite mimikyu card for 13,000 Aeos Coins. The other way to unlock Mimikyu is to spend 575 Aeos Gems. The difficulty level for Mimikyu is intermediate and the unit can attack faster. Shiny Rayquaza is returning for the next event as well.Here are the best equipment and battle items to get the strongest Mimikyu build in Pokemon Unite,


Best Moves for Pokemon Unite Mimikyu

The table below will give you a quick preview of the best moves of Mimikyu:

Basic AttackPassive
Play RoughDash
Shadow ClawMelee
Shadow SneakRanged
Trick RoomBuff
Unite MoveUltimate
  • Basic Attack – This will be the boosted attack for Mimikyu once you launch your third attack. Use s move to boost the attacks for Mimikyu.
  • Disguise – The special skill can be activated when Mimikyu is in disguised form or if it receives damage. Disguise increases HP and will avoid incoming damage. Movement speed for Mimikyu will be boosted
  • Astonish – The Area skill allows Mimikyu to shout in a starting fasion and deals heavy damage to opponents
  • Play Rough – The Dash skill allows Mimikyu to jump and move and deal damage continuously. Mimikyu can reduce the mobility of opposite Pokemon.
  • Shadow Claw – The melee skill grants sharp claws to Mimikyu and inflicts severe damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed. Mimikyu receives a hp boost
  • Scratch – The Dash move works for 8 seconds and attacks faster. Scratch move also reduces movement speed for opponents
  • Shadow Sneak – This ranged skill extends shadow and allows you to mark Pokemon and hit opponents as a shadow target.
  • Trick Room – This is a Buff that lets Mimikyu create a bizarre area and increase its movement speed
  • Unite Move – Play With Me – Leaps at opposite Pokemon and traps then in its rag. The Unite move allows Mimikyu to deal damage over time and provides a shield as well

Best Held Items for Pokemon Unite Mimikyu

Best Moves for Pokemon Unite Mimikyu

Held items can be unlocked from level 1. Pokemon Unite trainers can unlock three slots after reaching 10th rank. The best Mimikyu held items are here,

  • Scope Lens – This increases the basic attack critical hits. With higher attack, the damage is increased for Mimikyu. Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage will be increased by a huge margin.
  • Focus Band – Whenever Mimikyu’s hp goes below, this held item increases hp every second for 3 seconds. Focus Band also increases Def and Sp. Def by +30.
  • Weakness Policy – Mimikyu’s Basic Attack will increase by 13%. The held item also increases HP by 210 and Attack by 15. Weakness Policy stacks up to 4 times.
  • Attack Weight – Once Mimikyu scores a goal, the attack and damage will receive a huge boost. The passive skill Attack is also increased by +15 with this held item.

Best Boost Emblems for Pokemon Unite Mimikyu

Boost Emblems are special battle items for Pokemon. These can be accessed from the Energy Rewards section in the game. Here are the too boost emblems for Mimikyu,

  • Drowzee – This grants a special def boost and reduces the speed.
  • Venonat – Mimikyu will get an HP buff and its ATK will reduce.
  • Seel – Seel grants an instant +50 hp boost to Mimikyu at the cost of -2 Attack.
  • Magneton– This boost Emblems increases the defense and reduces attack.

Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Strength, Weakness, and Gengar GX

Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Gengar GX

Mimikyu’s skills will be exposed against Umbreon as it’s a strong Melee defender. But Mimikyu is highly resistant to attacks from Inteleon and Absol. In Pokemon Unite, Mimikyu’s major strength is its ability to attack even at low hp. Mimikyu has special moves that allow it to drain the enemy’s movement speed and launch heavy attacks.

What’s a Mimikyu Gengar GX in Pokemon?

Pokemon Unite units can form a tag team and use GX cards and get special skills. Remember that GX cards are exclusive to Pokemon TCG. The Gengar Mimikyu GX card offers skills like Poltergeist and Horror House – GX. These GX cards will reveal the opponent’s cards and hand. Gengar Mimikyu GX cards also don’t let opponents play and complete their next turn using cards.

Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Plush

Fans of Mimikyu can purchase the plush from online stores. The Mimikyu Stuffed Animal Toy or Plush is available in different colors and styles. Mimikyu Plush also features scribbles on its face and you can purchase a spooky and scary version of this Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Mimikyu build, emblems, cards, moves, and held items.

What are Held Items in Pokemon Unite?

Held Items are bonus items for each Pokemon in the game and it transforms your units effectively. Pokemon Unite Held Items will be available from rank 1 and you can unlock all slots at level 10. You can purchase held items from the Aeos Emporium shop by spending in-game currency and resources.

How to Play Mimikyu in Pokemon Unite?

Mimikyu is a strong offensive unit with great mobility. Mimikyu’s only weakness is support. You can pair Mimikyu with strong defenders in Pokemon Unite who can also score goals quickly.

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