Is Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza Returning?

Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza Raid is on its way. Check our guide and find out more about this new limited-time battle raid.

Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA. Here, trainers compete against other teams on Aeos Island. Be it Ranked or Custom battles, trainers can deploy moves like Slash, Illusion, and Unite to win battles. Pokemon Unite battles are fast-paced and teams with high points will win the battle. With new patch updates, trainers can tussle against rare and shiny Pokemon.

The Shiny Rayquaza is set to return to Aeos Island for a limited time. You can join your team and battle against Rayquaza in a fiery battle. Shiny Rayquaza will only spawn for 2 minutes at the end of the battle. Shiny Rayquaza has high mobility and can be a valuable addition. Strong Pokemon like Inteleon will be a good matchup against the Rayquaza. Here’s more about Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza battle raid and more.

Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza Raid

Shiny Rayquaza

Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza will appear on the Theia Sky Ruins map between February 22 to March 7. Shiny Rayquaza is a snake-like Pokemon and will be on air for the most part. Players will be able to encounter the Shiny variant of Rayquaza in this Theia Sky Ruins stage. Shiny Rayquaza is a powerful species and has excellent range. Rayquaza can attack from long-range and also helps trainers to score goals quickly.

Rayquaza is a rare and wild variant in Pokemon Unite. Trainers will not get a better chance to claim this shiny Rayquaza right now. Though Rayquaza stays only for a short time, you can utilize its powerful moves and win more raids. Rayaaua will be available only once in combat. If you fail to beat Rayquaza, then your teammates might attack and capture this shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza Counters & Strategies

Pokemon unite Shiny Rayquaza

You can go with Pikachu, Talonfly, Dragonite, or Gengar for the raid against Rayquaza. Any Pokemon with high atk, strong movesets, powerful held items, and high endurance will be your best counter against the Shiny Rayquaza. Ranged Pokemon will also be effective against the Shiny Rayquaza as it is vulnerable to heavy attacks in close range.

Apart from the Shiny Rayquaza, trainers can participate in more raids and maximize their rewards. Battle against shiny variants and boost your chances of scoring goals. Sweet and Stage events are live. Participate in these challenges to claim x2 Sweet Points, Solo Challenge Tokens, and Aeos Coins.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza battle. You can find the best moves for Tsareena here.

Is Pokemon Unite Shiny Rayquaza Effective?

Finding shiny Pokemon is very rare in Pokemon Unite. Shiny Rayquaza is a top-tier variant and it grants a shield buff to team members. Shiny Rayquaza also has high movement speed and can endure heavy attacks. With Rayquaza, one can move faster and score goals quickly.

How to Avoid Matchmaking Ban in Pokemon Unite?

In Pokemon Unite, players will get banned for no reason. If you have a poor internet connection or if you fail to join an online match on time, then your account will be banned temporarily. To avoid this, you have to stay active and quickly join a match. Clearing cache and fixing the internet will also help you avoid getting banned in Pokemon Unite.

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