Which are the best Pokemon Unite Held Items? Held Items are bonus effects to trainers. Find out the top 10 Pokemon Unite best Held Items here.

Pokemon Unite is a colorful adventure game where trainers engage in 5v5 battles in different maps and game modes. In Pokemon Unite, Pokemon gets special skills and moves like Illusion, Slash, and Unite. Apart from these, you can use Battle and Held items for each Pokemon. Held Items provide special stats and buffs to each Pokemon.

Players can get Pokemon Unite held items from the in-game shop, Aeos Emporium. To get these, you can use Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets. A Pokemon can use three held items in a combat. These held items enhance atk, mobility, endurance and def. There are only limited held items in the game currently. Here are the 10 Pokemon Unite best Held Items to user right now. 

Pokemon Unite Best Held Items in 2024

As a beginner, trainers in Pokemon Unite get only one slot for held items. Once you increase your rank levels to 7 and 10, you can unlock all three slots for held items. Here are the top 10 held items to unlock in Pokemon Unite,

Wise Glasses

A top-tier held item that works effectively for all Pokemon that deals special atk damage. Wise Glasses increases Sp. ATK by +39 and 3%. Wise Glasses provides both flat and percentage increase to Sp.ATK. Wise Glasses is a top-tier held item and it comes under the All-Around category.

Buddy Barrier

If you focus on defensive held items, then you can use the Buddy Barrier which not only grants a shield to you as all your allies who have poor hp will be given a shield for 8 seconds. Buddy Barrier will be activated once you use the Unite move and it will increase HP by +600.

Aeos Cookie

When you have Pokemon that scores quick goals, then you can utilize the Aeos Cookie for them. Whenever you score a goal, the maximum hp will increase. A maximum of 240 HO is granted with the Aeos Cookie and this makes it one of the best defensive held items in the game.

Score Shield

The situational held item can be used to score goals without any trouble. Score Shield grants a shield and scoring will not be interrupted while the shield is active. Score Shield provides passive bonus effects and HP will be +450.

Energy Amplifier

This is an S-ranked held item that boosts damage for 4 seconds when your Pokemon uses the Unite move. Energy Amplifier best works with Buddy Barrier

Muscle Band

Muscle Band is an excellent held item to increase your damage. It works for all Pokemon and increases basic ATK speed by 7.5% and Attack by +15. Muscle Band is an S Tier held item and regarded as one of the strongest offensive held items in Pokemon Unite.

Assault Vest

Pokemon unite best held items
Assault Vest

The defensive held item boosts hp by 270 and special defense by 42. Your Pokemon will also gain a shield against special atk DMG once you run out of combat. Assault Vest is one of the best defensive held items that can be used with a strong offensive unit.

Attack Weight

Attack Weight can be used with Pokemon that can score goals constantly. Once you score a goal, the ATK will be boosted for the remaining battle. Attack Weight’s passive bonus grants +18 Attack Boost. This held item goes well with Aeos Cookie.

Float Stone

Float Stone is an ideal item for Pokemon that has a poor mobility. The Float Stone will increase movement speed 8 seconds after leaving combat. Attack will be increased by 24 and Movement Speed is boosted by 120.

Shell Bell

After using any move, Pokemon retrieves a portion of hp. Based on Pokemon’s  SP. Atk, you can recover more hp. Shell Bell also boosts attack by +24 and it has a cooldown time of 4.5%.

There are the best Pokemon Unite Held Items in 2024. Pokemon Unite Held Items and Battle Items are essential to get the best builds for Pokemon. You can complete challenges and increase rank levels to get free held items. The other way is to spend the in-game currency in Pokemon Unite to collect all powerful held items.

How to Get Held Items in Pokemon Unite?

In Pokemon Unite, players can claim Held Items from the in-game Emporium shop using coins and tickets. Also, you can increase rank levels for trainers and progress in the battle pass to get free held items.

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