Pokeball-Inspired Pokemon: Look at These Pokemon That Look Like Pokeballs

Have you ever seen Pokemon that look like Pokeballs? If not, then there are a few Pokemon that you must see. We have listed them out.

The Pokemon series is something most of us are familiar with. This Japanese anime television series had children glued to their seats to watch the cute little Pokemon characters and how they demonstrated their skill sets in Pokemon battles. The show’s lead character, Ash Ketchum and his partner Pokemon, Pikachu, are the main center of attention. The series follows their journey through various regions of the Pokemon world towards becoming the greatest Pokemon master.

In the Pokemon Franchise of games, Pokeballs are carried by the Pokemon owners where they safe-keep their Pokemons. Now, poke balls are available in a number of variants, be it Poké ball, Great ball, Ultra ball, Master ball, Safari ball, etc. A total of 27 Pokeballs are known to exist, and there are a few Pokemon that look like Pokeballs. Let’s dig in to know more about them.

Overview of Pokemon That Look Like Pokeballs

Pokemon that Look like Pokeballs

Voltorb as Pokeball


Voltorb is an electric-type Pokemon that resembles a Pokè ball. Its upper half is red, and its lower half is white, just like a Pokè ball. They emit electricity and often explode when jolted. Voltorb can evolve into a stronger Pokemon, Electrode, through their experience or with the use of a unique “Leaf Stone” item. Voltorb was highly criticized for its simple design. Critics did, however, continue to highlight the species’ qualities, both in contrast to Electrode and because of its role as a mimic from classic role-playing games.

Kyogre as Great ball


Kyogre is a water-type Pokemon and one of the Pokemon that looks like a Pokeball. The Kyogre resembles the Great Ball with its shiny blue top and red decorations with a white bottom. Kyogre possesses the power to form massive rain clouds that cover the whole sky and create torrential downpours.

Umbreon as Ultra ball


Umbreon is yet another Pokemon that looks like a Pokeball. With its sleek black fur and bright yellow colored stripes and circles, it perfectly represents the Ultra ball. Umbreons are carnivorous Pokemon and look similar to a black cat due to its cat-sized body and tail or it resembles a black rabbit due to their long ears and red eyes. When exposed to moonlight, the yellow pattern on their fur glows and gets filled with energy.

Venonant as Master ball


Venonant is a bug/poison-type Pokemon that looks like a Pokeball. It resembles the master ball with its purple body and big, sparkly red eyes. Vonant is usually found in the shadows of tall trees, where it feeds on bugs. Its eyes act as radar, and it is attracted towards light in the night. Its body oozes with poison, which helps it catch and eat small bugs.

Torterra as Safari ball


Torterra, with its green body, resembles the Safari ball. It’s a grass/ground type Pokemon, which is the final evolution of Turtwig. Torterra is a large Pokemon with a dark green shell on its back, along with a large tree. Torterra can be found in natural regions loaded with greenery. They can be seen migrating in search of clean water, which makes them mistaken for “moving forests”.

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