Where to Find Mjolnir in Dave the Diver

Due to the game’s Random Number Generator (RNG) system, Dave the Diver Mjolnir appearance rate varies with each dive.

Due to the game’s Random Number Generator (RNG) system, Dave the Diver Mjolnir appearance rate varies with each dive. However, based on player experiences, the area above the Third Glacial Cave proves to be the most likely spot to find the legendary weapon.

The quest to locate the mighty Dave the Diver Mjolnir proves to be an arduous one, thanks to its remarkably low spawn rate. This elusive item poses a challenge to find and holds the key to a hidden achievement, preventing players from achieving a perfect 100 percent completion. Luckily, we have identified several designated locations that will bring you closer to uncovering Mjolnir’s whereabouts. Let’s look into each one to assist you on your journey.

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Dave the Diver Mjolnir Locations

To set your sights on Mjolnir, you must venture to the Glacial Area and explore the following areas:

  1. The Rocky Platform above the Third Glacial Cave – The Prime Location: The platform above the Third Glacial Cave emerges as the most promising spot to find Mjolnir. Numerous players have reported encountering the item here. Its presence has been noted multiple times, making it an excellent starting point for your search.
  2. Inside the Third Glacial Cave – Subterranean Possibilities: Mjolnir might also be hidden within the depths of the Third Glacial Cave. Don’t overlook this location during your hunt, as it has yielded positive results for some explorers.
  3. The Initial Area of the Beluga – Coastal Secrets: Explore the initial area of the Beluga, as it might hold the key to Mjolnir’s location. Be thorough in your exploration, and keep a keen eye out for any signs of the mighty weapon.
  4. Inside the First Glacial Cave – Frozen Discoveries: Delve into the chilling depths of the First Glacial Cave. Dave the Diver Mjolnir could be lurking within, waiting to be found by the most determined divers.

While Mjolnir’s appearance is subject to the Random Number Generator (RNG) system utilized in Dave the Diver, the area above the Third Glacial Cave stands out as the most promising location. Many players have attested to its presence there. However, it’s worth noting that Mjolnir may also appear in the other suggested areas. 

Regardless, if you go on multiple dives above the Third Glacial Cave, chances are high that you’ll eventually encounter the coveted weapon. Be aware that some players have reported a camera glitch in one of the caves. The game’s developers have addressed this issue through a recent patch. Ensure you update the game to resolve any potential problems.

Acquiring Mjolnir: Overcoming the Frozen Barrier

Once fortune smiles upon you, and you discover Dave the Diver Mjolnir, the task of obtaining it is not as simple as reaching out and taking hold. You must employ your trusty knife or pickaxe to remove the icy barrier obstructing Mjolnir’s retrieval. Prepare yourself for a timed minigame, where you must skillfully remove the barrier and claim the legendary weapon.

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How to Unlock the God of Lightning Achievement

Now that you possess Mjolnir, you have the opportunity to earn the coveted hidden achievement, God of Lightning. You must wield the weapon and defeat a fish with its thunderous might to unlock this achievement. Similar to throwing a baseball, Mjolnir requires a throwing interaction to launch the object at your aquatic target.

For easy completion of the achievement, locate a smaller fish and hurl Mjolnir at it repeatedly until you are rewarded with the God of Lightning achievement. Alternatively, if you seek a greater challenge, take on the colossal creatures of the Glacial Area. Use the electrifying power of Mjolnir to overpower these powerful enemies while showcasing your mastery of the weapon.

With the mystery of Dave the Diver Mjolnir unveiled, your exploration doesn’t end there. Numerous other rare items await your discovery, including the sought-after Giant Trevally Fin. 

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