10 Best Held Items for Pokemon Unite Goodra

Do you want to get the powerful held items for Pokemon Unite Goodra? Here are the top 10 held items for Goodra that you should use.

Finding the best held items for every Pokemon in Pokemon Unite helps you unleash the strongest build. With Units moves, special abilities, battle items and held items, a powerful build for each Pokemon is possible. Goodra is an S-ranked defender in Pokemon Unite. Goodra has high endurance and mobility. With the best held items, you can increase the Offense and Scoring skills for Goodra.

Goodra is a Melee defender and has strong Sp. ATK. You can focus on utilizing held items that boost Goodra’s ATK and Scoring Rate to make it one of the strongest attackers as well. You can obtain Pokemon Unite Goodra for 12,000 Aeos Coins and 575 Aeos Gems. Goodra is one of the best supporting units and can be paired with top attackers in the game like. You can also find the best All-rounder guide here. Here are the best held items for Pokemon Unite Goodra.

Pokemon Unite Goodra

All Held Items for Pokemon Unite Goodra

Held items are additional stats for each Pokemon. You can own 3 held items per combat. As the Shiny Rayquaza is returning to Pokemon Unite, it’s essential to get the best held items for your Pokemon. The strongest held items for Pokemon Unite Goodra are,

Rocky Helmet

Rocky Helmet is an ideal held item for a defensive Pokemon like Goodra. Goodra can launch heavy attacks based on its max hp after receiving damage. It also increases HP by +270 and defense by +42. You can secure Rocky Helmet for 1000 Aeos Coins or you can spend Aeos Tickets as well.

Focus Band

This item enhances max hp for Goodra for 3 seconds. Focus Band increases base defense by +30 and Spl. Def by +32. Focus Band is available for 600+ Aeos Tickets

Muscle Band

Muscle Band is an All-round stat and this focuses on increasing damage and attacks for Goodra. Having Muscle Band boosts ATK by 15 and Basic Attack Speed by 7.5 %. This held item is highly recommended to increase the offensive stats of Goodra

Buddy Barrier

Use Goodra’s Unite Move to receive shield for the entire squad. HP for Goodra will be increased to 600 at the maximum rank. Buddy Barrier is an excellent defensive held item for Goodra

Pokemon unite Goodra held items
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Slick Spoon

Slick Spoon increases damage based on Goodra’s Sp ATK. It also reduces defense whenever Goodra uses basic attacks or special moves. Slick Spoon is another All-round held item for the Melee Pokemon

Resonant Guard 

A top-tier held item that grants shield to Goodra and party. The effects of resonant guard will cool down once it’s triggered. Hp and Hp recovery rates will be boosted till the held item is active.

Choice Specs

Use a special move of Goodra and increase the base damage stats. Choice Specs also increases Sp. Attack by +40. You can use Unite Move of Goodra for this held item

Score Shield

The Score Shield doesn’t allow opponents to score goals for a short time. Score Shield and Buddy Barrier will make an incredible combination for Goodra

Attack Weight

Attack Weight enhances attacks for Goodra after it scores a goal. The effects of Attack Weight will last till the end of a combat. Attack Weight also increases Attack by +18

Exp. Share

This boosts movement speed for Goodra by +150 and HP by +240. Exp Share grants Exp Points to team mates when they eliminate a wild Pokemon.

3 Best Held Items for Goodra

Now selecting the best from the bests. Here’s 3 best held items recommended for Goodra:

  • Slick Spoon
  • Focus Band
  • Resonant Guard 

These 10 held items for Pokemon Unite Goodra ensure the Melee unit’s skills are powered. Held Items will be available at the Aeos Emporium shop and you have to spend in-game currency to get these bonus items. Also, you can find the 10 best held items in Pokemon Unite here.

Which is the best Moveset for Pokemon Unite Goodra?

Gooey, the strongest moveset 2 of Goodra spreads slime effects and this will deal damage to enemies and slow their movement with Gooey effects. Bubble is a top move from the moveset 1 of Goodra. This works in area and grants a bubble shield. You can use this Bubble move after 6s as the Bubble Shield will pop and deal damage to opponents.

Is Held Items Required for Battles in Pokemon Unite?

Held Items are bonus items for each Pokemon in the game and it transforms your units effectively. Pokemon Unite Held Items will be available from rank 1 and you can unlock all slots at level 10. You can purchase held items from the Aeos Emporium shop by spending in-game currency and resources.

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