We have brought you the Lost Ark Monte Island guide. Learn everything about the island and get exciting rewards.

Lost Ark has lots of Islands in the game that players can visit and play different quests to get multiple rewards. Monte Island is an adventure island that has different activities and rewards. However, players can participate in Monte Island only when it is available. What are the quest, rewards, Mokoko seeds location, and island location? All the answers lie in our Lost Ark Monte Island guide below.

Lost Ark Monte Island location
Monte Island location (YouTube)
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Lost Ark Monte Island Location

Across the sea from Faten and northeast of Bern, you will find Monte Island. Before sailing to the island, you must reach combat level 50 and item level 250. As we said that Monte Island is an adventure island, so it will not be available to you all time. With the help of the Procyon’s compass, you can check the availability of the island. You can also find it if you see a giant whirlpool. The island will show up after a few moments. 

Lost Ark Monte Island Quest

You can play a competitive co-op quest on Monte Island. The competitive co-op quest will start after three minutes when players set foot on the island. In this quest, all the players will be searching for chests. Many chests are marked on the island map. However, it is not as simple as it appears. Some of the chests are hidden away inside the trunks of trees. So, search everything carefully. 

Players will earn points when they open the chests. When the total points reach 5000 among all the participated players, the competition will come to an end. If you open the small chests, you will get around 10 points for each chest. On the other hand, large chests will give you more than 10 points. 

Monte island chest location
Chest locations (Papunika)
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After completing the Monte Island quest, players will be granted different rewards according to their ranks. However, if you dont rank at the top, you will be still rewarded for your participation in the competitive co-op quest. You can use the rewards in various places of Lost Ark. Below are the rewards that players will get.

  • Participation: Participation Reward x 22 and 1,500 Silver
  • 1st Place: Participation Reward x 30 and 20,000 Silver
  • 2nd Place: Participation Reward x 28 and 15,000 Silver
  • 3rd Place: Participation Reward x 26 and 10,000 Silver
  • 4th Place: Participation Reward x 24 and 1,500 Silver
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Monte Island Token

The island token is a token that proves you are accepted by the island. You can exchange the island token with Opher on the Lonely island for great rewards. You can earn the Monte Island token as a reward for completing the island quest. However, there is no guarantee of players getting the token as a reward. Therefore keep visiting the island when it is available and play the quest until you earn the island token as a reward.

Merchants in Monte Island

Lost Ark Monte Island has two merchants. One merchant sells life tools and the other trades useful items in exchange for the island participation rewards. Below are the offers made by the merchants.

Darudo (Life Tools Merchant)

  • Foraging Tool: Silver x1500
  • Logging Tool: Silver x1500
  • Mining Tool: Silver x1500
  • Hunting Tool: Silver x1500
  • Fishing Tool: Silver x1500
  • Excavating Tool: Silver x1500

Traveler Herodot (Exchange)

  • Uncommon Class Engraving Chest: Participation Reward x 15 (Weekly Limit 5/5)
  • Rare Class Engraving Chest: Participation Reward x 50 (Weekly Limit 2/2)
  • Crew Application Form: Participation Reward x 900 (1)
  • Crew Application Form: Participation Reward x 900 (1)
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Lost Ark Monte Island Mokoko seeds location

There are a total of four Mokoko seeds available on Monte Island. Players can use these seeds to get rewards from the vendor. The location for the mokoko seeds is below.

Mokoko seeds location
Mokoko seeds location (Maxroll)

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