Insurmountable Beginner’s Guide – 10 Things Every Player Should Know

Do you love climbing mountains? Then this game is for you. Read our Insurmountable Beginner’s Guide to get a good start.

Insurmountable is an adventure game in which you have to overcome huge mountains. This is a very thrilling game as you are required to climb the mountains while keeping all the other things in mind. You have to be aware of your health and stamina so that you don’t lose them while climbing up the mountain. You can say that this is a game that depends highly on your decision. One wrong decision can result in a loss.

Your job as a mountaineer is to confront various terrains alone and face all the dangers on the way. The risky environment will put you in many tough situations that you have to overcome. With all this, overcome the insurmountable heights by making your way up and down the mountains. But how will you do it all alone? Do not worry, we are here with you to help you with our Insurmountable Beginner’s guide. 

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Insurmountable Beginner’s guide: How to begin

The first things you have to do is choose one of the three characters in the game. Each character has different skills and background stories. After selecting the character, you have to search for crates, caves, and other parts of the area for equipment that the previous adventurers left. They are very important because the mountains will demand every bit from you, 

Insurmountable characters
Choose from the three characters (ByteRockers’ Games)

Insurmountable Beginner’s guide: Harsh environment

In the game, your task is to climb the three mountains. However, the task is difficult because of the harsh environment. The weather sometimes is very dangerous. You will have to face different weathers day and night. There are many events that you will not know when and how they will end. In situations like these, everything depends on your decisions. So decide wisely. 

Gather all the resources from the first mountain

Among all the three mountains, the first one is the easiest. You can take this as a great advantage by gathering as many resources as possible. Why gather so much? Because the other two mountains are challenging and these resources and equipment will help you to survive the remaining two. 

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Careful with your steps

All you need to do is figure out your next move. The terrains that are rough consume more energy. Not only that, but some steps can result in dangerous events that will cause you harm. It will seem easy for you to just take the most straight and direct path to the mountain. However, this will result in a big mistake.

Insurmountable Beginner’s guide: Plan your route

Beginners will have a tough time memorizing the routes of the three mountains. As we said above, the weather makes it very difficult and therefore it will be hard for you to plan which route is safe. You will have to learn to read the environment and then predict and plan your route that will be the safest. This is a game of decisions, so deciding the right route will be beneficial for you.

Choosing the right path
Plan and choose your path (ByteRockers’ Games)

Limited inventory space

The game gets more difficult when you will get to know that you have a limited amount of storage in your inventory. Choose the most crucial items and bring them with you on the journey based on your playstyle and what you are going to do next. There are lots of things that you will need, a tent, oxygen tanks, boots, and other stuff. Decide carefully and then fill up your inventory.

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Spend the resources

You will have to spend the resources that you gathered to make progress. You can use it to move forwards in the game or use it to upgrade your character. This is why it is a very important factor in the game. Make sure that whatever your decisions are, you are making some benefits from them. Gathering too many unnecessary resources can also be a problem. So be conscious of what you require and then gather and spend in accordance with your requirements.

Do not take anything for granted

This game will punish you later for taking things for granted. For example, if you use lots of health and still have plenty remaining for the first mountain, then do not take it for granted and believe that it will be the same for the remaining two. The other two mountains are difficult compared to the first one. A similar thing goes with the resources. Just do not use it randomly and expect that you will get more and more in the future. 

Insurmountable cutscene
Game cutscene (ByteRockers’ Games)
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Energy, Temperature, and Oxygen

As you go up, the oxygen level drops down and the weather makes it difficult too. You will need the energy to climb the mountains. The temperature is what decides whether you will die from freezing or not, so you have to keep your eye on it. When you go above 6000 meters, it will be hard for you to breathe. From here, you will have to decide everything wisely to go further. This is because all your energy, temperature, and oxygen will play an important role as everything will be on its edge. 


An active ability that reduces your energy cost on tall climbs can be a game-changer at the right moment, but active skills have long cooldowns. If a skill lasts four hours, you will really want to squeeze everything you can out of it.

An active ability can reduce your energy cost to climb up those mountains. This can be very beneficial when needed. All of this is amazing, but there is a problem. The active ability has very long cooldowns. So, you have to decide when and how you use it.

Insurmountable beginner's gameplay
Gameplay (ByteRockers’ Games)

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