Want to know the best Call of Duty Warzone SMG? Our list will help you out. Read till the end because the best rifle is mentioned there.

In Call of Duty Warzone, many players go for SMGs and try to rush and kill anyone that comes in their way. Yes, SMG is meant for close combat, but it has a technique that you should follow. Players just use it the wrong way and then complain about the guns being bad. They feel that the Assault Rifles are much better because they have some good short-range guns in their category too. In this guide, we will list down the best Call of Duty Warzone SMG that you can pick and win the fights easily.

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The best Call of Duty Warzone SMG


Aug is not the best among SMGs, but you can still do good kills with it. If you equip a 5mW laser and a forge tac CQB comb stock, you will improve the Hip fire and make your ADS faster. The best part is that if you use the 622mm long barrel, you can increase the range of the gun and this can be beneficial for you if you go for long-range kills too. However, you will lose some other stats too. Therefore, you should try to balance everything by setting up the perfect attachments for the gun.

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LAPA’s headshot damage is massive, and it also deals bonus neck damage that is nearly as high as headshot damage. Despite this, the configuration’s base rate of fire is low, as is its stomach and limb damage. Fortunately, the LAPA’s unique barrels can help make up for this in a sense, which alters damage and firing rate. 

The default and rifled barrels are particularly useful and good for short-range. No matter which barrel you choose, if you’re an accurate and skilled shooter, then the LAPA can be deadly. In Verdansk and Rebirth Island, the LAPA is among the best SMGs for those skilled in the game.


This SMG is not that good for close-range fights. However, if you want to use a gun for mid-range or long-range, then this is one of the best options for you. AK74u is among the best Call of Duty Warzone SMG with great headshot damage. This SMG is at its best when you use it as a support with a sniper rifle. 

Many players prefer to use assault rifles, but this SMG can do all the work of an assault rifle for you. You can give it a try and with the right attachments, you can rule in many maps of the game. 

AK74u in call of duty warzone
AK74u (YouTube)
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The M1912 has always been a powerhouse for many players. The best thing it gives you is the magazine. With such a huge magazine and fast firing, you can just spray at the enemy from short-range without worrying about the accuracy. Because at least half of the bullets will hit them if you are at your worst, right? You can even try with some range attachments and see if you can be good at mid-range too. 


Welgun is one of the best Call of Duty Warzone SMG that will give you accuracy and consistency. It surely has a low fire rate, but that is not a problem when it gives you such great accuracy. If you like to go a bit slow with an SMG and stay in your position for a long time, then Welgun will do the job for you. 

Despite this, if you want to increase its fire rate, you can do it. There are many attachments that will help you to increase its fire rate but at the cost of your recoil. So, if you are confident enough that you can control the recoil and handle the gun easily, then you can increase its fire rate. 

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MAC 10

The MAC 10 is the best Call of Duty Warzone SMG that you can play for an instant kill. Its recoil is a serious problem and many just cannot control it. So, you will need some attachments that will make its recoil a bit better. If you ask us, we would say you should not focus much on its ADS and accuracy. Just try to make its recoil better and even the range. When these two things are improved, you can be deadly at close-range fights. 

call of duty warzone gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

MAC 10 is seriously fast, so even if an enemy surprises you, you can quickly shoot him/her and get a kill. If you are a player with more accuracy, recoil, and range, then we suggest you go for AK74u or another SMG that has a better range.

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