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The internet has revolutionized how players interact in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, allowing them to converse in ways that weren’t possible when the game initially came out decades ago. The establishment of the Nookazon website is an example of the new tools available to gamers. Daniel Luu established Nookazon, which went live on April 9th, 2020. Fans may trade and sell goods from their Animal Crossing games on the website.

Daniel Luu, a 25-year-old software developer who goes by the online handle squishguin, established and runs the website. Luu built the website as a response to his dissatisfaction with present trading systems. He joined the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discord community and discovered a trading chat thread, but was overwhelmed by numerous traders and the platform’s disorganized structure. With the support of two pals, he decided to create a website to tackle the problem.

After Luu produced a 15-second TikTok teaching how to use the website, the website exploded in popularity. Following that, overnight, internet traffic on the website increased from 6,000 to 180,000. The website evolved beyond the bounds of the Animal Crossing Discord, ultimately becoming a key element of the community, facilitating many transactions each day.

Many people are in doubt about Nookazon in Animal Crossing New Horizons and whether it is legal, safe, and free to use it. Do not worry, as we have all the answers to your questions.

Nookazon in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gamers from all around the globe may connect at Nookazon. It’s the ideal location for obtaining everything you want from another gamer. You can not only trade products but also execute services such as watering another’s flowers or hiring someone to doodle on your bulletin board.

It is a third-party website that isn’t affiliated with Nintendo or Animal Crossing: New Horizons in any way. It is, however, a well-organized method of purchasing, selling, and trading things with other players. To be quite clear, you do not “purchase” goods on the site with actual money. Instead, you conduct transactions using goods, Bells, and Nook Miles Tickets.

What is Nookazon
Nookazon (Image credit: Nookazon)

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How to use Nookazon

What is Nookazon
Nookazon (Image credit: Nookazon)

To use the site, you must first establish an account and fill up a profile. You may also search for certain objects (such as furniture, DIY recipes, and locals), create a wishlist, and even organize everything you’ve acquired for quick reference.

When you’re ready to shop, input the name of the item you’re searching for and check through all the current listings. A listing may include a price or request that you “make an offer.” You might offer the seller an item from their wishlist or the number of Bells or Nook Miles Tickets you’re ready to part with in this scenario.

The seller might accept, reject, or counter your offer after you’ve made it. If you’re selling anything, you’ll have the option of accepting, rejecting, or countering each offer. After an offer is accepted, one player can input their Dodo Code to allow the other to visit their island. To finalize the purchase or trade, simply drop the things you’re trading on the ground.

Both participants can post a review for each other on Nookazon when a transaction is finished. As you explore the website, you can always see each player’s “star rating,” ensuring that you’re only working with reliable gamers.


Nookazon has placed various limits in place to prevent gamers from taking advantage of one another. Nothing is being sold for actual money, prohibiting gamers from profiting from rare items in real life. Nookazon also has a safety page to assist users with safe trade techniques, such as utilizing airplane mode to halt a transaction and kick a possible scammer off their island. This available knowledge aids in discouraging anyone who wants to exploit the website to gain stuff for free by stealing from other gamers.

Things to keep in mind

What is Nookazon
Nookazon daily items (Image credit: Nookazon)

Keep in mind that Nookazon isn’t a Nintendo product. It’s probable that you’ll come across shady characters who are using the service to steal from others. You can also send other players text messages, which may contain improper information. Finally, take into mind that Nookazon is a popular website.

Nookazon is divided into two areas

Nookazon is divided into two primary areas: the Nookazon website, which was developed totally from scratch, and the Nookazon Discord server, which was created by utilizing Discord channels and bots. Daniel Luu and two of his pals own the Nookazon website. Daniel Luu’s buddy Brandon manages the Nookazon Discord, which now has about 600,000 users and thirty volunteer moderators. There is also a three-person social media team that administers Nookazon’s social media accounts, which include Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook profiles, as well as website announcements.

How is it safe?

Scammers have exploited Nookazon to trick customers into buying pricey things. To remedy this, Nookazon implemented an “average pricing” graph that displayed the item’s average price over time, ensuring that consumers did not purchase costly things. In addition, all users have access to a “Safe Trading Guide” that details the numerous ways fraudsters try to defraud buyers and sellers, as well as how to avoid them.

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