We have brought you an eFootball PES guide. We have provided some tips and tricks that will help you win the matches.

The mobile edition of eFootball PES promises to deliver the most genuine soccer experience available on mobile to date. It allows you to assemble your squad from real-life players from some of Europe’s biggest football clubs, including but not limited to Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, and AS Roma. 

You may play a variety of game styles against other players or the computer, and if you’re lucky, you could be able to collect many soccer legends during special events! If you are a football fan, but you face problems in scoring goals or building a team, then you are at the right place. We have an eFootball PES guide that will help every player.


eFootball PES Guide: Controls

If you’re new to the franchise, the control mechanism in eFootball PES 2021 is the same as it has been for some time. The Classic method, which we recommend for beginners and intermediate players, allows you to manage your players’ movements using the joystick on the left side of the screen while performing offensive and defensive actions on the right. The virtual joystick may take some getting used to because it isn’t always responsive and your finger must be on the joystick itself to move the player you’re controlling around.

eFootball PES Guide
eFootball PES 2021 (Image credit: Konami)

When you’re controlling the ball, you can hit multiple buttons. Using this with the joystick, you pass the ball in the direction you’re pointing. On the same note, we will mention at this point that how long you hold your finger on the Shoot button will determine the strength of your shot. Passes through a gap in the defense can be executed.

Lastly, Clear is useful for kicking the ball out of danger. Normally, this would be used when controlling a goalkeeper after he has saved a ball, or if you are controlling a backline player and trying to get the ball away from your half of the field.

Keep an eye on your players

You can see your club’s personnel and other acquisitions in the My Team section of the Club House menu. You will probably spend most of your time in the Players section, where you can view each of your players and find out their attributes. 

Furthermore, you can see how many games remain on each player’s contract on the main screen, and next to that, you can see their familiarity rating. This percentage will gradually increase as they play more matches for your club and manager, helping them reach their full potential. Although this would probably not be something you do too often, you can also release them.

eFootball PES Guide
eFootball PES (Image credit: Konami)

You’ll notice four windows under Player Details that you may access by swiping left or right. Aside from the height, age, player fee, and level of each player, the information on the second screen is likely the most essential. You can view their preferred passing style and attacking regions, as well as their defensive styles and containment area, in this section. The first two are more relevant to strikers and midfielders (as is placement), while the latter two are crucial for defensive backs and defensive midfielders.

The third screen displays each player’s attributes, and while some may be more important than others. For example, Finishing and Kicking Power could help you determine your best go-to offensive players — chances are you’ll be more concerned with their overall rating, especially as a beginner. Finally, on the fourth screen, you’ll see their unique talents, human and AI playing styles. Whether they have the Inspire ability or not – this is a special skill that passively increases the qualities of other players anytime they’re on the field.

eFootball PES Guide: Make Common Players Trainers

Common players whose ratings don’t warrant much, if any, playing time can be transformed into Trainers, who can then be sacrificed to make your best players even better. As previously stated, playing matches allows players to collect XP and level up naturally. However, training them might speed up the process if you have enough trainers to sacrifice. Once you’ve chosen which players to convert, you’ll be alerted that they’ve been added to the Trainer List. This is a long-term process, so be certain you’re giving up someone who no longer serves any other purpose for your group!

Do not hesitate to use the switch button while on defense

Do not hesitate to use the switch button while on defense
eFootball PES 2021 (Image credit: Konami)

This tip is a must-have in any sports game with a Switch button that allows you to switch between players while on defense. However, in eFootball PES, you should utilize the Switch button to ensure that you always control the player closest to the ball. We’re not talking about continuously hitting the button and performing as little of your effort on defense as possible. That does not work, and there is a very excellent explanation for this.

It’s quite likely that your teammates will mostly stick to the most obvious defensive tactics and won’t do much to chase after the player with the ball. If you are playing a Campaign match and have chosen to sim the game, this rule does not apply. The AI will take charge of both teams on the field, while you and your opponent are responsible for managing your clubs.

eFootball PES Guide: Complete achievements to earn

Under the Club House sub-menu named Achievements, you can complete more Achievements for more GP and MyClub Coins. There are some tasks that reward you with GP directly, such as Number of Matches a Day and Number of Wins a Day. In most cases, you will receive MyClub Coins for completing achievements. 

The goals may include signing a certain number of players in a day, playing so many matches over your career, scoring so many goals, or signing players in a particular manner. It is all-natural to accomplish these tasks, but you can also look at the Achievements submenu to get an idea of where you stand with a particular achievement.

eFootball PES Guide: Time

eFootball PES Guide
eFootball PES (Image credit: Konami)

It’s important to play more conservatively when in possession when your team is leading. Passing back and forth between team members may be monotonous to a computer-generated fan, but in an online match, it can often lead to a foul call from a frustrated opponent. Whenever possible, control the ball so that it is close to the touchline or goal line. 

Do this in order to force a throw-in or corner kick to your advantage, unless you are in a position to do so – for instance, if the other team is applying ‘frontline press’. Clean play also reduces the amount of injury time added to each half, which means fewer opportunities for your opponent to score.

eFootball PES Guide: Use sprint wisely

In PES 2021, too much sprinting exhausts your players and forces you to call on your subs bench quicker than necessary. Sprinting on the flank is quite successful since there is less traffic on the periphery of the action, but it is simple to get tackled while haring through a densely packed center midfield. When defending, rather than racing towards a player with the ball, always switch to the person nearest to the ball to preserve energy and maximize positional characteristics.

eFootball PES Guide: Defense

It’s tempting to slam the adversary with a sliding tackle or dash at them in the hope that they lose control. The issue with this technique is that it is frequently pricey, enabling superfluous space to open up and book your players. Play patiently, hold your line and wait for them to approach you. 

Setting up your squad with ‘all-out defense’ or ‘frontline pressure’ strategies might help you achieve this goal. It might be intimidating when the star players charge at your back four, but the more people you have ready to force an error, the more likely you are to block their shot or make a tackle.

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