Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide – Top things to do in the 2.0 Update

You will need an Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide to know what you should do in the newest update of the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received a major upgrade, and it has a lot to offer. When you initially start the game, you will be unaware of the bulk of these features. You’ll have to do some investigating to understand more about them. It complements the game’s relaxing atmosphere. If you’re in a rush to find out what’s new, make sure you do the following as quickly as possible. As quickly as possible, look over this New Horizons Guide along with the top things you should do in the new update.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide: Locate Brewster and begin building the cafe

Blathers wants to build a new coffee shop inside the museum, but first, you must locate Brewster, who will be in charge. This entails taking a boat excursion with Kapp’n, another newly added aspect that reappears from earlier in the series, as detailed in our guide on where to locate Brewster. Construction will begin the following day after you finish the basic stages, and the coffee shop will open the following day. This is likely the most important thing you can do after two days of waiting.

New Horizons Guide: Make a strategy and put it into action

New Horizons Guide
Animal Crossing New Horizons (Image credit: Animal Crossing New Horizons)

Make a map of your island, whether on paper or using a computer program. You may use those two maps to figure out exactly how to move ahead by recreating your present island layout and your desired island setup.

Creating the stages from there will be simple (or difficult) depending on your need. Despite the fact that a huge percentage of society is refurbishing their whole islands, I believe that individuals will be clearing areas for farming. For some, this may entail relocating a home or two. Others could do things like take down trees and pick out weeds and flowers.

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New Horizons Guide: Open a shop with 100,000 bells

New Horizons Guide
Animal Crossing New Horizons (Image credit: Animal Crossing New Horizons)

You can build a shopping mall on Harv’s Island, but it will take several days. Due to the fact that each business requires a $100k donation, only 100K can be donated on that day. While you can open the stores in any sequence, we recommend that you begin with Leif. That way, you’ll be able to start buying the supplies you’ll need to start planting new crops, which allows you to begin exploring new culinary options.

Items from Nook Miles can be ordered for delivery the next day

Whether you plan to purchase the storage building, a trip to the Nook Stop is worthwhile since there is a slew of new things available for purchase with Nook Miles. A journal containing fresh responses, recipes for different sorts of fences, and a variety of objects to adorn your island are available to purchase. 

Physical things must be sent by mail, which might take up to a day, so make sure you get the ones you want the most. Keep in mind that you may only order up to five goods each day, so prioritize your wishlist and place your orders appropriately.

Increase the amount of space you have

New Horizons Guide
Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide (Image credit: Animal Crossing New Horizons)

If you’ve managed to fill up all of your house’s storage, this update will be a pleasant addition, since Tom Nook will allow you to expand it once more. You may now save up to 5,000 things, up from the previous limit of 2,400 items. It will take a day to do this upgrade. If you haven’t yet purchased the previous upgrades, including the 2,400 slot upgrade, you should do so immediately since it’s a requirement for ordering the new storage shed from the Nook Stop. It costs 6,000 Nook Miles.

Adopt an ordinance

You’ll be able to enact an ordinance after speaking with Isabelle. These have diverse impacts, such as keeping stores up late (and villagers up late). Or ensuring that everyone on the island does their part to make things beautiful (which they should already be doing. But what are you going to do?). Only one may be in effect at a time, and issuing one will delay its implementation until the next day, so make your decision immediately so you can start reaping the rewards.

There Could Be More Mini-Games in Animal Crossing Facilities

Finally, Nintendo may create more methods for people to connect with its facilities, possibly through mini-games. This doesn’t have to be costly; perhaps the player might make some cash by working as a delivery driver for a local restaurant. It’s possible that players can get tasks for delivering lunch orders to the island’s diverse residents. Depending on how quickly they complete their deliveries, they will be able to win additional incentives.

Players could even be able to participate in touch or rhythm-based mini-games at their locations. This isn’t something the series is renowned for, but with the recent ACNH update’s addition of the stretching exercise, it doesn’t feel like such a great leap.

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