Weather Ball: The Secret Weapon You’re Missing in Pokemon Go

What’s the Weather Ball in Pokemon Go? How to use the Weather Ball Moveset? Scroll down and find everything.

Pokemon Go is a colorful battle game. In Pokemon Go, players will play as trainers who have to use pokeballs and berries to catch Pokemon in the wild. There will be Gym Raids, Trainer Battles and Go Battle Leagues. Every Pokemon belongs to elements like Dark, Fire, Ground, Fighting and Ice. There are also dual-type Pokemon like Fire and Fighting. Every Pokemon is stronger against some attacks and weaker against some elements.

A Pokemon’s ATK, Def and Stamina stats along with its CP indicate its strength. Apart from these stats, trainers have to utilize a Pokemon’s movesets which are skills in combat. Moves are special abilities and these can be used for all battles, five-star raids and event challenges. Just like Pokemon, moves belong to different elements. Weather Ball is an ice type move that boosts your damage and can be effective in special research tasks. Here’s all about the Pokemon Go Weather Ball move, stats and more.

Pokemon Go Weather Ball Moveset

Pokemon Go weather ball

Weather Ball is an Ice-type charged attack. This move is one of the strongest movesets in Pokemon Go. Weather Ball move deals over 55 dps and it consumes 35 energy. In Go Battle Leagues, Weather Ball will get enhances damage stats. Here are Pokemon that can use the Weather Ball ability in Pokemon Go raids,

  • Mega Abomasnow
  • Shadow Alolan Ninetales
  • Shadow Alolan Vulpix
  • Amaura
  • Aurorus
  • Shadow Abomasnow

Pokemon Go Weather Ball Strengths & Weaknesses

In Pokemon Go, movesets have their strengths and weaknesses as well. Weather Ball is an ice type charge move and it also works well against several elements. This moveset doesn’t work against some Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Go Moveset Strong Against Weaknesses 
Weather BallFlying, Ground, Grass, Dragon, FairyWater, Fire, Steel, Fighting, Rock

Pokemon Go Weather Ball – Special Effects

Pokemon Go Movesets get boosted by weather and they have special effects as well. Adventure effects will provide bonus buffs to these moves. Special effects provide damage and defense boost, and it also reduces defense and other stats for enemies. The Weather Ball moveset doesn’t have both special effects and adventure effects. But its base stats will be good for Ice-type Pokemon in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Weather Ball moveset. Unleash the ability against the strongest Pokemon and win more raids. Also, you can find the best ways to catch the new Charcadet Pokemon.


Is Shiny Rotom Available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, there’s a shiny version of Pokemon Go Rotom. Trainers can participate in the Sinnoh Tour raids and challenges and unlock Rotom as well. The Sinnoh Tour event can be unlocked through a redemption code.

Is it Difficult to Beat Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga?

Origin Forme Dialga is a new variant of the legendary Dialga. The Pokemon is not available in a five-star raid through the Sinnoh Tour event in Pokemon Go. Origin Forme Dialga has plenty of moves and it also uses its powerful charged move, Roar of Move.

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