What’s a branched evolution Pokemon? Do branched Pokemon have multiple evolution forms? Scroll down and find everything.

Pokemon gaming series is one of the world’s top-rated and highest-grossing video game franchises. Pokemon games have been attracting kids and youngsters since the time of its launch. With different Generation Pokemon games, players can play as their favorite Pokemon and complete challenges. In Pokemon games, players play as trainers to catch Pokemon from different species.

Players also have to complete battles and raids against other Pokemon. Some Pokemon in the Pokedex can evolve into another form. To complete an evolution for Pokemon, trainers can spend candies, stones and lure modules. A Pokemon can have one or two or more than two evolution forms. Pokemon that evolve into multiple forms of the same species are called as Branched Evolution. Eevee, the iconic Pokemon has been the start of the branched evolution in the Pokemon gaming series. Here’s all about the Pokemon branched evolution list, different forms and more.

PokemonBranched Evolution List

Branched evolution Pokemon
Eevee Pokemon

An evolution of Pokemon will be an advantage for trainers in battles as these Pokemon comes with enhanced stats and skills. A normal Pokemon offers limited skills, but an evolution form of Pokemon will be a beast. Evolution Pokemon are available in multiple Pokemon games, but branched Pokemon is only limited to a few games.

Normal Pokemon FormEvolution Final Evolution 
RowletDartrixDecidueye, Decidueye (Hisuian)
OddishGloom Vileplume, Bellossom
SlowpokeSlowbro, Slowking
ScytherScizor, Kleavor
CuboneMarowak, Marowak (Alolan)
EeveeVaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon
WurmpleSilcoon, CascoonDustox, Beautifly
NincadaShedinja, Ninjask
SnoruntGlalie, Froslass
PetililLilligant, Lilligant (Hisuian)
 Pichu Pikachu Raichu, Raichu(Alolan)
RuffletBraviary, Braviary (Hisuian)
GoomySliggoo, Sliggoo (Hisuian)Goodra, Goodra (Hisuian)
KoffingWeezing, Weezing (Galarian)
VambalaAlacula, Alacubu

Which is the 4 Evolution Pokemon?


Wurmple is a special branched evolution Pokemon that has 4 evolution forms. Wurmple evolves to Cascoon and Silcoon. These are mid evolution forms of Wurmple. The final evolution forms are Dustox and Beautifly. Wurmple is a Generation 3 Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and Pokemon Go.

Are there any Branched Evolution Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Yes, there are many branched evolution Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The top 3 branched evolution Pokemon are Wurmple, Eevee and Petilil. These three Pokemon belong to different generations and locations.

Which is the best Branched Evolution Pokemon?

In the Pokemon universe, there are only a limited number of Pokemon that have a branched evolution. The strongest branched evolution Pokemon are Eevee, Pichu, Bloom, Koffing and Cubone. These Pokemon have the best evolution forms as the final forms will have increased stats and best skills for battles.

Are there any Branched Evolution Pokemon in Sinnoh?

Yes, there are many Sinnoh region Branched Pokemon in the Pokemon world. Glalie, Pichu and Flareon are the best branched Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. There are also normal type branched evolution Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon branched evolution list and different Pokemon forms. Find out everything about the Pokemon Legends Celebi game.


Is Branched Evolution Pokemon Good for Battles?

In Pokemon games, trainers can utilize both normal and evolution forms of Pokemon. The major difference is the evolution forms of Pokemon have higher stats than the base ones. When it comes to branched evolution, you can use Pokemon from the final evolution forms to get better advantage in combat.

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