What’s Pokemon Temporal Forces? When is Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces releasing? Find out everything about this upcoming Pokemon TCG game.

There will be plenty of new games from the Pokemon franchise this year. Pokèmon card games are going to be the talk among fans. Pokemon Trading Card Game has been the numero uno since its launch and this card-battler game has tons of cards and content. After Pokemon TCG Live, there will be two more TCG games in 2024.

Pokemon TCG Pocket and Temporal Forces have been confirmed as next releases from the TCG franchise. Temporal Forces will be an expansion in the Pokemon TCG series. Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces will be released soon. Here’s everything about Pokemon Temporal Forces release date, new cards and more.

Pokemon Temporal Forces – Release Date & More

Before Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces gets launched, there will be a pre-release event and you can find more details using this Event Locator. Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces will be released on March 22, 2024. Unlike TCG Pocket, Temporal Forces will not be a game for Android and iOS. Players can purchase cards and bundles from the stores.

Before the release date, Pokemon fans will get a chance to battle using the Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces Build & Battle Box on locations where the pre-release event takes place. Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces will feature 160 standard and legal cards. Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces expansion will include new ancient and future Pokemon.

Players can unlock Pokemon cards, trainer cards, and Tera Pokemon Ex. The returning feature in Scarlet and Violet Temporal Forces will be the Ace Spec Cards with 6 Trainer Cards and 1 Special Energy. With the best cards and energy balls, players have to defeat the wild beasts and other creatures.

Temporal Forces cards

Best Cards in Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces expansion

With 60 cards, you have to build your deck and fight against other trainers. In Temporal Forces, there will be 160+ cards featuring both special and rare cards. Here are the top cards to use in battles of Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces expansion,

  • Seedot – Grass-type Basic Pokemon
  • Scyther – Grass-type Basic Pokemon
  • Pineco – Grass-type Basic Pokemon
  • Ponyta – Fire-type Basic Pokemon
  • Slugma – Fire-type Basic Pokemon
  • Totodile – Water-type Basic Pokemon
  • Pikachu – Lightning-type Basic Pokemon
  • Metang – Metal-type Basic Pokemon 
  • Feraligatr – Water-type Basic Pokemon 
  • Koraidon – Dragon-type Basic Pokemon 
  • Poochyena – Dark-type Basic Pokemon 
  • Miraidon – Dragon-type Basic Pokemon
Pokemon Temporal Forces


Pokemon Metang, the metal type unit, is one of the best cards in the game. Metang’s main ability is Metal Maker and this is used to attach unlimited energy balls to top 4 cards in your deck.


Miraidon, the dragon type card, features two powerful abilities and the card has high HP as well. You can use the Peak Acceleration Skill and attach 2 basic energy cards to future Pokemon.


Koraidon is a top offensive card in Temporal Forces expansion. The main skill, Primordial Beatdown, deals 30 damage for every ancient Pokemon in the current deck. The other skill, Shred, can be used to withstand attacks of opponents.


Poocheyna, the darkness card deals extra damage if you manage to win the flip coin toss. Moreover, Poocheyna has one skill from the TCG Secret wonders called ae Gnaw Off.


Feraligatr is a top-rated Water-type card and it has very high HP and DMG. Feraligatr’s main skill is Torrential Heart and this lets you launch 5 damage counters while your turn is active. This will also increase the attacks of Feraligatr for the next rounds.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces TCG release date, cards and abilities.


Will there be ACE SPEC Cards in Temporal Forces?

Yes, ACE SPEC Cards along with Tera EX cards will be available in Pokemon Temporal Forces.

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