Golem Secret Weapon Revealed! You Need This in Pokemon Go

Golem is one of the best units for Pokemon Go PvP raids. Find out the best moves and counters to catch this Pokemon.

The new season of Pokemon Go features umpteen challenges, five-star raids, and new Pokemon as well. Poipole has been added to the game and the new Charcadet is also available through the Horizons Series event. With the best dual-type Pokemon, you can conquer the new special research tasks and five-star raids. Golem, the rock and ground type Pokemon is a beast and one of the best counters for the current raids in the game.

Golem spawns frequently in the wild and this Generation 1 Pokemon belongs to Kanto. The spawning rate for Golem has been increased in the new Pokemon Go season. Golem is a primary attacking unit and it gets damage boost during Cloudy and Sunny weather. This dual-type Pokemon will be an excellent counter for gym raids as well. Here’s all about the Pokemon Go Golem movesets, weaknesses, evolution forms and more.

Pokemon Go Golem Build & Movesets

Pokemon Go Golem
Pokemon ATKDEFSTABest Moves 
Golem 211198190Earthquake, Rock Throw

Golem can be caught in the wild within a distance of 1km. Golem will be an excellent Pokemon buddy for PvP raids. Here are the best movesets for Golem,

  • Rock Throw – The Rock-type charge move is good for gym raids and PvP battles. This moveset deals a good damage and will be effective during weather boost
  • Earthquake – The ground type charge move is one of the best abilities for Golem in Pokemon Go Battle Leagues and five-star Raids. Earthquake deals more than 140 damage and will be a great counter against enemies
  • Mud-Slap – The ground type fast move deals heavy damage and increases attacks for Golem frequently 
  • Stone Edge – The Rock type charge move is an excellent skill for gym raids and PvP battles. Stone Edge unleashes heavy attacks and deals 100 damage
  • Mud Shot – Mud Shot is an explosive ground type fast move that can be utilized during trainer battles
  • Rock Blast – Rock Blast is a Rock type charge move that works effectively even without any special effects
  • Ancient Power – Ancient Power, the rock type charge move can be used for all raids and battles. A strong moveset and its special effects will increase both attack and defense for Golem by 25%

Pokemon Go Golem Counters, Strengths and Weaknesses

Golem is a Rock and Ground type Pokemon. You can counter it using Ground, Grass and Fighting Pokemon. Golem is also resistant to several attacks. By finding its weaknesses, you can dominate the challenge against Golem.

Pokemon Counters Strength Weakness 
GolemPrimal Kyogre, Kartana, Mega Sceptile, Mega Blastoise, Shadow SwampertFire, Flying, Normal, Rock, Poison, and Electric Grass, Steel, Water, Fighting, Ground and Ice

Pokemon Go Golem Shiny, Evolution Forms

Golem has a shiny form that spawns rarely in the wild. You can catch a Shiny Golem after completing many raids in a day. Golem also has different forms in Pokemon Go. Golem’s other three forms are Alolan Golem, Shadow Golem and Shadow Alolan Golem. Golem is also the final evolution form for Geodude. Here’s how you can evolve Golem,

  • Evolve Geodude to Graveler using 25 candies
  • Evolve Graveler to Golem using 100 candies

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Golem build, moves, counters and weaknesses. With the Lucky Egg feature, you can earn double xp.


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Is Pokemon Go Free-to-play?

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