Are you struggling to catch Pokemon Go Charcadet? Find out the best ways to fix the Charcadet spawning and feeding bug.

The new Pokemon Go season has begun and trainers can take part in special research tasks, five-star raids, and capture new Pokemon as well. After Poipole Pokemon’s debut, players can catch Charcadet as well. Charcadet is a Fire type Pokemon that has two evolution forms. Players can encounter Charcadet in the wild along with other Pokemon as well.

Charcadet Pokemon has been added to the new Pokémon Horizons celebration event. Charcadet was first discovered in the wild region and it can be unlocked in a couple of ways. The Horizons Series celebration event will only be available till March 11, 2024 and you have to catch Charcadet before the event ends.

As Horizons Series is live, players have begun to catch the new fire-type Pokèmon. But the spawn bug has returned again and trainers have not been able to catch Charcadet from the wild. Spawning bugs have been a common issue in Pokemon Go and players are not able to add Charcadet to their party. Here’s all about the Pokemon Go Charcadet spawn and feeding bug and ways to fix it effectively.

Pokemon Go Charcadet Feeding & Spawning Bug

Pokemon Go Charcadet

Pokemon Go Charcadet spawn is bugged and even after feeding berries, trainers couldn’t spawn it in the wild regions. But there are some ways to fix the Pokemon Go bugged spawns and encounter Charcadet. Here is how you can solve the Pokemon Go Charcadet feeding and spawning bug and add the Pokemon to your party,

  • You can try catching Charcadet in different locations within your zone. If you encounter bugs in a single spot, you can walk to another place and catch Charcadet. Also, you can swap buddy Pokemon as changing companion might work
  • Update Pokemon Go app. The latest version of Pokemon Go is available and you can update it to check if the spawning bug still persists
  • Turn off/on the Location and AR Mode. This is another best solution to fix Pokemon Go spawn bugs
  • You can restart Pokemon Go app and refresh the game’s data from the Advanced Settings to fix the feeding bug 

These are the available solutions to fix Charcadet spawning bug in Pokemon Go. Some players are not able to spawn Charcadet and some have witnessed bigger berries on the screen while catching the Pokemon. The team of Pokemon Go has addressed the issue.

Pokemon Go Charcadet

Charcadet is a new fire type Pokemon in the game. Charcadet gets boosted by sunny weather and it doesn’t have great stats. But players can evolve Charcadet to Armarouge and Ceruledge to unleash its best version.  With the best movesets and strategies, you can dominate battles with Charcadet Pokemon. Here’s how you can evolve Pokemon Go Charcadet,

  • Charcadet to Armarouge – Spend 50 candies and defeat a Psychic type Pokemon
  • Charcadet to Ceruledge – Spend 50 candies and defeat a Ghost type Pokemon

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Charcadet feeding and spawning bugs. With the new Lucky Egg feature button, you can easily earn double xp.


How to Catch Pokemon Go Charcadet?

Pokemon Go trainers can catch Charcadet in the wild throughout the new Horizons Celebration Series event 2024. You can also hatch Charcadet from 2 KM, 5 KM and 10 KM eggs in the wild. Charcadet evolves into two forms as well.

Is Shiny Rotom Available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, there’s a shiny version of Pokemon Go Rotom. Trainers can participate in the Sinnoh Tour raids and challenges and unlock Rotom as well. The Sinnoh Tour event can be unlocked through a redemption code.

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