3 Super Counters Will Obliterate Origin Forme Dialga Pokemon GO Raid 2024

Do you want to find the best movesets and counters to beat Origin Forme Dialga in Pokemon Go five-star raid? Scroll down and find the best strategies to win the Origin Forme Dialga raid.

The new set of events and raids are live in Pokemon Go. The Sinnoh Tour event provides an opportunity for players to unlock Rotom Pokemon for their squad. Also, there are many limited-time raids for trainers. The new raid features Dialga, the steel and dragon type Pokemon. Trainers who choose the diamond badge in Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour – Los Angeles can unlock Dialga.

If you have chosen the pearl badge, then you can take part in the new five-star raids to tussle against the Origin Forme Dialga. Defeating the Dialga Pokemon is a huge challenge for trainers as it’s strong against a plethora of moves. Here are the top 3 super counters to beat the origin forme Dialga in Pokemon Go five-star raid 2024.

Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga Counters 2024


Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga Weakness – Ground and Fighting 

New raids in Pokemon Go ahead of the Pokemon event day will be the best chance for players to maximize their rewards. The five-star raid featuring Origin Forme Dialga will be available between February 24 – February 25, 2024. Dialga has several moves including its iconic move called the Roar of Time.

Origin Forme Dialga is only vulnerable only against Fighting and Ground moves. Players can encourage Dialga in two forms at a high CP. Here are the top 3 counters to beat Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga:

Best Counters for Dialga Pokemon Go Raid
PokemonTypeWeather BoostBest Moves
Primal GroudonGroundSunnyPrecipice Blades, Mud Shot
Shadow ExcadrillGroundScorching Sands, Mud Slap
TerrakionFighting/RockWindyDouble Kick, Sacred Sword

Primal Groudon

Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga
Origin Forme Dialga

Primal Groudom is one of the best counters to beat Origin Forme Dialga. This Pokemon gets boosted by sunny weather. With high stats for Atk, Def and Stamina, Primal Groudom can be your first counter to defeat Dialga. The best moves are,

  • Precipice Blades – The ground type charged attack deals lethal damage. Precipice Blades deals more than 130 dps
  • Mud Shot – The primary fast move for Primal Groudom boosts its base damage

Shadow Excadrill

Shadow Excadrill has been one of the best Pokemon for five-star raids. With high CP, ATK and Stamina, it only boosts your chances of winning the mighty battle against Origin Forme Dialga. The best moves are,

  • Scorching Sands – The Ground type charged move deals 95 damage on average and this is the best moveset for Shadow Excadrill
  • Mud Slap – The fast move inflicts heavy damage attacks faster for a short time


Pokemon Terrakion is a Rock and Fighting dual Pokemon. Terrakion becomes a monster during windy weather. Terrakion has excellent CP and great attacking stats. With these movesets, you can destroy Origin Forme Dialga,

  • Double Kick – The fighting fast move attacks harder and quickly drains the energy of opposite Pokemon
  • Sacred Sword – This charge move constantly deals more than 35 damage and will be a great addition for Terrakion.

When will Dialga be in Raids 2024?

Dialga has been featured in a new five-star raid in Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour event. You can battle against Dialga between Feb 24 – Feb 25, 2024.

How to get Dialga Pokemon Go 2024?

Dialga is a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Trainers can get Dialga by defeating the Pokemon in a five-star raid that’s available in the Sinnoh region.

With these 3 counters, you can win the five-star raid against Origin Forme Dialga in Pokemon Go. The raid against Dialga will only be available for 2 days.

Can you get Pokemon Go Dialga Shiny Variant?

Yes , trainers can catch the shiny version of Origin Forme Dialga in the wild regions of Sinnoh. But the chance for a shiny version of Dialga is very low.

Is it Difficult to Beat Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga?

Origin Forme Dialga is a new variant of the legendary Dialga. The Pokemon is not available in a five-star raid through the Sinnoh Tour event in Pokemon Go. Origin Forme Dialga has plenty of moves and it also uses its powerful charged move, Roar of Move.

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