We have brought you the Raid Shadow Legends Yannica guide. You can also find the best build for PvP and PvE. 

The best champions in your squad can make all the difference when you are facing monsters and bosses. There are a number of champions in Raid Shadow Legends, as you are probably aware. Affinity, role, rarity, and faction can all be used to categorize them.

High Elves legendary champion Yannica is of Spirit affinity. Yannica belongs to a long line of strong epic and legendary champions from the High Elves. In the Arena, Yannica is most effective in teams with an offensive strategy, especially when facing teams with known shield buffs like a Krisk team. 

If built correctly, she will remove those buffs and be very damaging to the enemy team. She can be exceptionally powerful in boss fights in Faction Wars due to Yannica’s strong aoe and leech abilities. The legendary has the ability to play comfortably across a wide range of game areas. Here is our Raid Shadow Legends Yannica guide with some of the best PvP and PvE build.

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What are High Elves

Aravia is home to the High Elves, who have built a magnificent, shimmering city. The physical, intellectual, and spiritual advancement of this society has been facilitated by living in these lands of plenty. Their high ideals encourage exiles to move further east.

Yannica’s story

Yannica, a mage of great innate power and talent, may very well be the personification of a number of expectations young races hold regarding their people – both good and bad. The woman is incredibly intelligent and has mastered many arcane arts without a doubt. Her advice is always considered and carefully considered. 

The arrogance and self-righteousness she demonstrates are grating. Yannica’s condescending smirk has been many an ally’s bane since it finds its way to her noble features so often. AYannica was fascinated by spells that did not fit into the usual arsenal of wizards when she was a young apprentice.

While escorting an old magister on an expedition to collect Artifacts far north of the Aravian city, Yannica and her comrades were plagued and almost overpowered by zombies. After she tossed a half-tested spell, her theatrical mist explosion forced the adversary to lose sight of her. Even the dimwit ghouls were perplexed by the show. 

Yannica dashed into a vantage point before they, or her own party, could intervene. Her friends finished off the undead that had been weakened by her spell, culminating in the deaths of many undead. Many academics and guards were spared from imminent death as a result of this.

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Raid Shadow Legends Yannica Guide: Skills

Raid Shadow Legends Yannica gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Even the Odds 

One enemy will be attacked twice, and each attack will have a 50% chance of placing a leech, so in an ally attack team and in a counter-attacking team, this will land a lot and stay up a lot. At levels two and three, the damage is increased by 5%. On the other hand, the damage is increased by 10% on level four.

Buffing Speed

This skill attacks only one enemy. It places a perfect veil buff on her for three turns if this attack is critical. This skill also grants an extra turn. On levels two and level three, the damage will be increased by 5 %. On the other hand, on level four, the cooldown will be less by one.

Elves Judgment

This skill allows you to strike all enemies while ignoring shield bonuses. If this champion is under a veil or perfect veil buff, it also removes shield buffs from targets. Following that, it delivers additional damage equal to 15% of the value of the removed shield buffs. The damage will be raised by 10% at levels two, three, and four. On the other side, the cooldown will be reduced by one on level five.

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What Artifacts should you choose?

Raid Shadow Legends Yannica artifacts
Artifacts (Plarium)
  • Set: Offense, Weapon Attack 
  • Set: Offense, Helmet HP 
  • Set: Offense, Shield Defense 
  • Set: Offense, Gauntlets Defense %
  • Set: Critical Rate, Chestplate Attack %
  • Set: Critical Rate, Boots Speed

Raid Shadow Legends Yannica Guide: Best PvP Build

  • Deadly Precision
  • Keen Strike
  • Heart of Glory
  • Whirlwind of Death
  • Single Out
  • Cycle of Violence
  • Bring it Down
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Raid Shadow Legends Yannica Guide: Best PvE Build

  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Charged Focus
  • Arcane Celerity
  • Evil Eye
  • Master Hexer
Yannica Arena gameplay
Arena Gameplay (YouTube)

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