We have brought you the Total Warhammer 3 guide with some of the best tips and tricks to improve your gaming experience.

The gameplay in Total War: Warhammer III is similar to that of its predecessors, with turn-based strategy and real-time tactics. The player moves armies around the map and manages settlements based on a turn-based system during the campaign. 

Artificial intelligence-controlled factions can be engaged in diplomacy and fought against by players. Real-time battles are fought when armies meet. Players can also customize real-time battles and play online multiplayer in the game’s custom battle mode. The same races from the first two games are available for multiplayer in the third game for those who own them. Below is the Total Warhammer 3 guide with some tips and tricks.

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Total Warhammer 3 Guide: Combat

Total War’s combat is by far the most confusing part, but it is also the most rewarding. There are some basic types of units in the game: Infantry (swords and spears), Ranged, Cavalry, Large Units, Flying, Siege Weapons, and Heroes/Lords. Each unit has its own unique characteristics, so everything will fall into one of those categories.

In the beginning, combat formations should be basic. The most fundamental approach is to start with your infantry, then your archers, your siege force, and whatever else you want on the sides. When it comes to experimenting, beginners should keep things simple and go with the flow. You may replay the combat, letting you try different formations under the same conditions.

At all times, keep your flanks safe. Allowing the opponent a free run to the flanks of your army will ensure that your ranged troops are safe from attack. If an adversary succeeds in doing so, you will become engaged and unable to attack others.

Learn About Units

Battle in Total Warhammer 3
Combat in the game (SEGA)

To learn more about the units for your faction, you should use the Unit and Spell Browser when building your armies. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can use it to hover over each unit and learn what its strongest and weakest points are, which will assist you in composing your army.

Heroes can help you earn more

Some factions, like Kislev and Grand Cathay, have Heroes that can boost a province’s income passively when they’re present. To boost your most lucrative province’s profitability, you can place these Heroes there. It is better to employ this economic tactic during the middle phase of the campaign when gains from the small increases are more noticeable.

Total Warhammer 3 Guide: Idle Hotkey

combat style
Flying Combat (SEGA)

You will need to manage a bunch of units in battle, directing them to attack a variety of enemies while orchestrating a strategy that will lead your army to victory. As a result, certain units can be easily overlooked, causing them to stand idle waiting for orders.

Total War: Warhammer 3 includes an idle hotkey. In order to quickly determine which units aren’t currently engaged in combat, clicking the backslash key will cycle through any units waiting for commands. Using the idle hotkey to force idle units into combat could be key to victory in a particularly chaotic battle.

Lords are a great help

With the expansion of the world and the need to balance relationships with multiple factions, you may need more armies. These could enhance your ability to explore further, overpower particularly strong enemies, or protect provinces from hostile factions. To increase your armies, you will need to recruit Lords.

If you want a new Lord to spawn in a settlement, click on the settlement on the bottom tab and select recruit Lord. Upon clicking this, a list of available Lords will appear. You should consider the strengths of each of these Lords before choosing who to hire. 

Total Warhammer 3 Guide: Growth

Growth is a key in Total Warhammer 3
Game visual (SEGA)

Building an empire also requires growth. Getting your buildings set up as soon as possible allows you to build more in the future. As a settlement grows, its population grows, and a certain population level is required for an upgrade of its main structure. Upgrades are tied to the level of the main structure, which in turn affects how many slots you have and how many upgrades you can do to structures you already have.

In addition, the larger your population becomes, the more income you will earn, the more powerful units you will unlock as you progress, etc. Progress depends on growth. A settlement can only upgrade or build certain buildings that require a higher settlement level, and you can only increase a settlement’s population to be able to build those more powerful units.

Build the outposts

Diplomacy in Warhammer 3 has been reworked to make allies more useful and to provide players with more options to coordinate their efforts with their comrades. In the allegiance panel in the diplomacy screen, players can see if they can build an outpost in the provincial capital of an ally once they’ve formed a defensive or military alliance with a faction.

A large outpost requires money to construct, grants a small garrison for the outpost, and allows the outpost owner to recruit units from the ally. Additionally, AI allies tend to build outposts in your territory, which is beneficial for territorial defense.

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Ranged units will help you every time

Ranged units
Gameplay (SEGA)

Warhammer 3 still has a wide range of ranged units, from archers to crossbowmen, musketeers to magic javelin units, and artillery. Most elite infantry or cavalry units cause significantly less damage than the entire range of infantry and cavalry units. In other words, if your faction allows it, you should dedicate between 60% and 75% of your armies to ranged units, with the rest for heroes and a small but carefully chosen infantry line.

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