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Cookie Run: Kingdom is a role-playing game in which players control a variety of cookies. Users level up and gain new cookies throughout the game, either through the World Exploration plot or using the old Gacha system. 

Since the beginning, the Pancake Cookie has been accessible. He is a member of the Ambush class and is stationed in the Rear. In BOO!, he plays a significant part. She also appears in Herb Cookie’s New Plant, I Want to Be King!, and Halloween Masquerade, Couldn’t Care Less…And Yet

Pancake cookie
Pancake cookie (cookierunkingdom fandom)

In every Cookie Run game apart from Cookie Run: Puzzle World, he has appeared as an initial release or as one of the very first characters in the game due to his popularity. Throughout his career, he was a relatively high rarity, until Cookie Run: Kingdom, when he was demoted to being rare.

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Pancake Cookie is an adorable, sweet Cookie that wears a brown pajamas onesie with a berry brooch and a rounded cape that resembles syrup dripping from its sleeves. His eyes are purple and bright. In the middle of his hood he has a small drawing of a face and two yellow butter dollops that resemble ears. His skin is light brown. It appears that he has a little piece of white hair underneath the onesie, resembling cream.

Gameplay (YouTube)

He places himself at the rear of the squad as an Ambush Cookie. In his special attack, Pancake Cookie throws acorns at the enemies, which causes wide-area damage. For 6 seconds, the ATK SPD increases by 20%. Add some buffs to this great Pancake Cookie by adding any topping. 

Pancake cookie is able to fly, throw acorns at enemies and deal decent area damage to them when he uses Take an Acorn. In addition, it boosts attacking power. The base level of his skill has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

 Acorn Jelly, Sunflower Seed Jelly, and Sunflower Seed Jelly are all collected in LINE and Cookie Run: OvenBreak by gliding into the air. During OvenBreak he was given the ability to glide through obstacles without waiting for a full charge of his skills. This allowed him to get out of sticky situations or last longer without Energy. He was a dangerous force in PVP in CookieWars due to the glide feature, which allowed him to be placed anywhere on the map. 

pancake cookie poster
Pancake cookie (cookierunkingdom fandom)
  • 5x Searing Raspberry
  • 5x Bouncy Caramel
  • 2x Bouncy Caramel, 3x Searing Raspberry
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Relation with other cookies

It is Pancake Cookie who teaches Angel Cookie how to fly, while Angel Cookie asks for Pancake Cookie’s help. Though Pancake Cookie makes Angel Cookie pay for flying lessons in Acorn Jellies, they appear to get along well. 

Cookie Cherry seems to be someone Pancake Cookie primarily knows, since the two cause problems for others along with Cookie Gumball. 

Pancake Cookie is good friends with Apple Cookie, with the two shown playing together amongst other young Cookies during the Dreamy CookieLand! event.

Pancake Cookie adores Herb Cookie because he once gave her Acorn Jellies. Herb Cookie is also referred to as “Herby.”

If you wish, you can use all these cookies together in your team.

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