In this guide, we are here to help you choose the best starting champion to begin the Raid Shadow Legends experience.

Plarium’s role-playing game Raid: Shadow Legends, a gacha game, features a fantasy theme. The story of the game takes place in Teleria, an imaginary realm conquered by the Dark Lord Siroth. As a Telerian warrior, players must defeat the Dark Lord and restore harmony to the land. You will assemble an army and fight in settings such as castles, dungeons, deserts, and temples, defending yourself against enemies and possible allies.

Gameplay consists mainly of a story-driven campaign with twelve levels, each of which contains seven stages at three varying difficulty levels. Arena, a multiplayer component, interconnects the single-player campaign and decides player rankings. A player can also join a Clan to fight a Clan Boss together, earning them improved rewards.

However, before all this, when you start the game, you will be asked to choose a champion. There will be four champions from which you have to make your choice. So, to help you out, here is a guide to selecting the best starting champion in Raid Shadow Legends.

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Best Starting Champion

Within just a few minutes of the story and all cutscenes, you’re asked to select one of four great champions and discard the others. You should carefully consider your priorities as you pick which of the four Rare champions to place first on your team. During the early game, some champions are better than others, while others can be used throughout your progression. So, below we are going to give you details on each champion.

Elhain: The High Elf Archer

The High Elf Archer in raid shadow legends

High Elf archer Elhain has the ability to deal high AoE damage along with a great deal of damage to single targets. Elhain is a Magic affinity Rare champion from the High Elves faction who packs a punch while also having the ability to defend herself.

An all-rounder, with both attack and defense, developed equally, she is highly capable of being developed. Accuracy is of no use to Elhain, so players should avoid focusing on it. The Warmaster Mastery Skill is most useful for Elhain in most situations.

She has three abilities:

  • Keen Shot – Attack that repeats if Elhain deals critical damage to a single target, which is also dependent on RNG.
  • Lightning Arrow – Repeats as an AoE attack against a single target. After killing the initial target, Elhain is granted a Crit Rate bonus that lasts for three turns.
  • Valley of Death – AoE attack that double targets all enemies.

Athel: The Telerian Paladin

The Telerian Paladin

Her self-buff, which makes her highly sustainable in the early game, makes her the only Attack champion from the Telerian faction. Out of the four starter champions, Atel is often overlooked, but she can be a great choice for players with more patience or those wishing to play as a paladin. Even with the sustain, she offers from her self-buff, her damage is lower than the other three starter champions.

She has three abilities:

  • Strike Down – Hits a single target three times and weakens the enemy for two turns.
  • Higher Blessing – Increases Athel’s attack and defense, and offers an extra turn if she is under 50% health.
  • Divine Blades – Targets all enemies in a wide area.

Galek: The Sword-Wielding Orc

Best Starting Champion in Raid Shadow Legends

Considering Galek was the face of the Raid: Shadow Legends promotional material, he is a popular choice. In the early game, he is the best choice for those who want an Attack champion from the Orcs faction. 

Galek is a popular choice among players, but beginners should keep in mind that Galek doesn’t scale as well as Kael or Elhain during the late game, which may put them at a disadvantage later on. Due to the debuffs he applies to enemies, Galek consistently inflicts increased damage. He has a nearly even mix of single-target and AoE attacks. 

Below are his abilities:

  • Cross Slash – Repeats itself twice on a single target.
  • Hellraiser – Attacks all enemies at once, then boosts Galek’s speed for two turns.
  • Cursed Blade – A semi-AoE attack that deals damage to four enemies and reduces their Defense by a small amount. A target that suffers more than two debuffs has an additional Defense debuff.
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Kael: Dark Elf Mage

Dark Elf Mage

Among the four starter champions, many Raid: Shadow Legends players consider Kael to be the best one. Known as an Attack champion with Magic Affinity, Kael belongs to the Dark Elf faction. Video game mages are not uncommon, but he is distinctive enough to stand out from the crowd.

Kael is a beast at all stages of the game, but especially in the late game when he combines AoE and single-target attacks in order to take down all dungeon mobs and even bosses.

Below are Kael’s abilities:

  • Dark Bolt – An attack that poisons the target for two turns.
  • Acid Rain – Damages all enemies in a wide area. His turn meter refills by 25 percent every time he kills an opponent.
  • Disintegrate – A semi-AoE attack that can poison four random enemies for two turns.

Which is the best starting champion?

So we have given you all the information about all the four champions in the game. Now it is up to you to choose the best starting champion. If you ask our opinion, we would recommend selecting Galek: The Sword-Wielding Orc. He is a great choice as he is not too bad for the starting as well as in the further game.

He might not have the best attack power defense or whatever, but you will still find him good to use. You can upgrade him and make him even stronger. Along with all this, Galek will also give you the feeling of a champion due to his appearance and weapons. The beast-like appearance also reminds of characters like Hulk and Kratos. So, you will enjoy yourself with this champion.

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