This is your time to become a wild shark and eat whomever you want. But to do this, you would need our Hungry Shark World guide.

Hungry Shark World is the sequel to Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark Evolution. The game’s objective is straightforward: you are a shark that must eat to survive. There will be traps, opponents, rival sharks, and other obstacles in your way of enjoying this banquet for one. But with enough skill and experience, you will become the master of the sea, leaving every school of fish and gaggle of divers and swimmers shivering in your wake. This guide exists because it will be violent, cruel, and challenging.

It’s all about living as long as you can and eating as much as you can before you die. Your hungry shark is continually losing HP as a result of its voracious appetite, and it must feed to stay alive. To succeed, you must be astute, since there are several dangers in the water, as well as hostile fish that will not just allow themselves to be eaten.

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Hungry Shark World Guide: Daily Quests And Challenges

Hungry Shark World, like every other mobile game out there, features a quest function. This function directs the player toward several goals with variable rewards. Prizes may include gems, money, or even event-specific goods. As previously said, gold is critical to your success in the game. 

Completing these tasks may assist you in obtaining the next upgrade to your shark’s stats or, better yet, a newer shark. Aside from that, these tasks protect your gaming experience from devolving into a mindless grind in which you just seek gold and nothing else.

Hungry Shark World Guide
Hungry Shark World (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Challenges, on the other hand, give your sharking abilities a unique twist. For example, in some areas, the game will ask you to complete certain challenges with a specific shark size. This complicates matters since, as we briefly discussed before, smaller sharks have a restricted prey base. Do you fancy yourself a dare-taker? Have a great day! Never pass up the opportunity to view an ad if death comes for your shark at any time.

Hungry Shark World Guide: Protect Yourself From Hazards

The very existence of your species is threatened by leaking toxic barrels, sea mines, jellyfish, pufferfish, ravenous seals, armed divers, military submarines, and other sharks. We must avoid each one of these things at all costs. As you can see, the previous bullet can come in handy if you need to squeeze through things where you can. 

There are hazards that pop up as long as you live, so your job is to keep your shark from dying out so quickly. You’d think that staying in one region would be profitable and safe. Truth be told, you are putting your life at risk by doing this.

Hungry Shark World Guide: Boosters

Hungry Shark World Guide
Hungry Shark World (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Boosters, not to be confused with the perks described above, are extremely valuable objects that you may activate and can greatly assist you in a variety of scenarios. Among these boosters are the following: 

  • Mega Rush: Brings you into the game with an instant gold rush. Every time you die you get another “Save Me” button.
  • Gold Magnet: Easily draws gold and other valuables into your mouth. Great for gold rushes.
  • Unstoppable: Unstoppable even by mines! Breakthrough any barrier with ease!
  • Hypnotize: Humans do not attempt to grab you and swim right to your mouth, giving you an easy kill.
  • Giant Pets: Increases the size of your pets, allowing them to consume whatever they desire.

Hungry Shark World Guide: Collect Letters (HUNGRY)

In Hungry Shark World, the HUNGRY bonus is also a significant source of points. When you use it, your shark will grow to huge proportions and be able to consume everything. Even the largest whales and the fiercest hostile sharks may be eaten by an XS shark with the HUNGRY boost. 

However, unlike Gold Rushes, the foes you consume in this mode do not offer more money because they do not transform into gold. Nonetheless, the HUNGRY mode is a great way to rack up some points while also exacting vengeance on annoying sharks who would otherwise kill you in a single bite. To enable this mode, just gather the many letters that spell H-U-N-G-R-Y that are scattered across the landscape. After it expires, you may re-pick up the letters to receive another bonus.

Don’t stay in one place too long

Hungry Shark World Guide
Hungry Shark World (Image credit: Ubisoft)

While it may seem logical to stay in one spot and claim it as your territory, doing so may harm your shark. As the game progresses and you live longer, you will find that aggressive sea life appears more frequently. Jellyfish, angler fish, barracudas, other sharks, divers, and military submarines might all be included. You could even come across additional items that your shark won’t be able to consume. This is why it is critical to be continually moving.

If you sense that your surroundings are changing, leave immediately. You might be able to locate smaller fish to eat and sharks your size to intimidate in different seas. On the surface, you should have no trouble finding someone to dig your teeth into. Just be cautious since some of them may be armed with firearms or fishing spears.

When you’re on the go, it’s ideal to keep your combo count high. Because the game rewards you for surviving longer, taking advantage of big supplies of food becomes increasingly vital as time passes.

Save Gold For Sharks

Save Gold For Sharks
Hungry Shark World (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Larger sharks are frequently sought after in this game. They have a larger range of prey, and some of them can devour the unfathomable without the need for a Mega Gold Rush. Before acquiring a shark, make careful to look over its stats because each factor has a significant impact on how the shark acts. With a larger shark, you’ll be able to survive longer, eat more, and accomplish objectives faster than before. 

Trying to purchase these animals should be your top priority because many of them may go for a long time without having any of their stats upgraded. In other words, the significant quantity of money spent on purchasing a shark is always a fantastic investment. However, if the grind becomes too difficult, especially later in the game, you may opt to increase the shark’s stats.

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